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UFO News Article:

14 October 1979
(The New York Times, New York City, New York)

This is an article regarding a U.S. Department of Defense document called “Subject: Suspicious Unknown Air Activity” (classification: CONFIDENTIAL, date: 11 November 1975) and, in addition, discussion on the U.S. government’s involvement in the UFO subject.

The mentioned U.S. Department of Defense document deals with the late 1975 UFO activity over the following military bases: Loring AFB, Maine; Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan; Malmstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, North Dakota and Canadian Forces Station, Falconbridge, Ontario, Canada.

I also reported on this news article on 22 December 2011.

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Aerial view of Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine
(loringremembers/history-of-loring-afb photo)

Map of Strategic Air Command (SAC) Military Bases, U.S.A. 
( ( image)

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Focus On the Involvement of the National
Military Command Center (NMCC) (U.S.A.)
In the UFO Subject

The book, The UFO Cover-Up (Fawcett, Greenwood) presents evidence (Page 6) that proves that the National Military Command Center (in conjunction with the Air Force Global Weather Central (AFGWC)) investigated the 1975 Northern Tier (U.S.A. and Canada) UFO incidents. The NMCC sent a memorandum (dated 13 November 1975) to the AFGWC requesting temperature inversion data from sensors which were placed in the areas which had experienced UFO activity. A while later, the NMCC and AFGWC discussed arrangements for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to obtain the weather data, according to the book.

So the U.S. military, without a doubt, investigates certain UFO incidents.

The National Military Command Center is maintained by the Department of the Air Force.

(Search term: “National Military Command Center” “Unidentified Flying Object”)

(“National Military Command Center” “Unidentified Flying Objects”)

(“National Military Command Center” “UFO”)

(“National Military Command Center” “UFOs”)

(“National Military Command Center” “Flying Saucer”

(“National Military Command Center” “Flying Saucers”

Wikipedia article: “National Military Command Center”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The National Military Command Center (NMCC)[1] is a Pentagon command and communications center for the National Command Authority (i.e., the President of the United States and the United States Secretary of Defense). Maintained by the Department of the Air Force as the ‘DoD Executive Agent’ for NMCC logistical, budgetary, facility and systems support;[2] the NMCC operators are in the Joint Staff’s J-3 (Operations) Directorate.[citation needed] ‘The NMCC is responsible for generating Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) to launch control centers, nuclear submarines, recon aircraft and battlefield commanders.’[1]”

The National Military Command Center at The Pentagon
( photo)

The Pentagon (2008), Arlington, Virginia
( photo)