Friday, 27 April 2018

UFO News Article:
“Strange Object Seen by Pilot Called Red Robot”

19 December 1953
(Times Union (Albany), Colonie, New York)


The whole article:
“A Swedish pilot yesterday told of seeing a mysterious object flash by at tremendous speed and Stockholm newspapers immediately labelled it a ‘Russian robot.’

‘Russian robot from base at Libau,’ said a six-column headline in Aftonbladet, the city’s largest newspaper.

The story speculated that the object was ‘a Russian robot launched from the Baltic coast and sweeping at supersonic speed on an elliptic course over Northern Scania (a Swedish province) and Denmark and finally piloted home to its base by remote control.’

Pilot ULF Christiansson, a Swedish citizen but a British RAF flyer during World War II, said he never had seen anything like it.

‘This object,’ he told newsmen, ‘was completely  symmetric and I would say it had a spherical appearance, in a way robot-like. It was metallic white and left no vapor trail as it swept by just above the clouds.’

The Swedish Air Force said it was investigating the mystery.”

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