Wednesday, 7 April 2010

UFO TV Talk Show:
“OVNIs y Terremoto”
(“UFOs and Earthquake”)

(ChilevisiĆ³n, Santiago, Chile)

The talk show guests discuss the UFO sightings that occurred before and after the 27 February 2010 earthquake in Chile: (1) (2)

Chilevision video:

Several UFO videos are shown on the talk show.

UFO TV News Report:
“Aumentan avistamientos Ovni tras terremoto”
(“UFO sightings increase after earthquake”),
26 March 2010 (ChilevisiĆ³n, Santiago, Chile)

Chilevision reports on the many UFO sightings that were made over Chile after the 27 February 2010 earthquake:

Comment by Chilevision:
“Many Chileans say they have had UFO sightings since the earthquake happened. The most important case occurred in early March and was reported by passengers on a bus in Iquique.”