Friday, 18 September 2009

NASA TV UFOs: NASA Camera Films
UFO Descending towards the Earth

NASAs camera apparently follows an unknown, pulsating object, which descends towards the Earth, before NASA loses interest and turns the camera around.

The UFO is seen in the lower right corner of the screen, and enters the screen 20 seconds into the video:

UFO Radio Interview:
David Sereda: NASA & UFOs, 27 September 2006
(Coast to Coast AM)

In this interview hosted by George Noory, Sereda talks about NASA, UFOs and the Space debris controversy. Sereda has studied NASA’s Space missions for years; and in this interview he leaves no doubt about the fact that NASA is dealing with more than only debris in Space:

David Sereda is a U.S. documentary film producer and UFO researcher.

David Sereda Blogspot:

David Sereda