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UFO Journal Issue:

Number 323, March 1995
(Mutual UFO Network, Seguin, Texas)

The issue includes the articles, “ANALYZING UFO WAVES” 
(by Joseph W. Ritrovato) and “MONTANA MUTILATIONS ON 
THE RISE? – Western Montana has been the site of several recent 
cattle mutilations.” (by Keith Wolverton and Thom Danenhower):

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UFO Statistics:
“Peak Months in Worldwide UFO Waves”

Source: UFOCAT 2002
(UFO-Sverige, Sala, Sweden)

1123 UFO incidents were reported in October 1973, according to UFOCAT 2002:

Physical map of the world (
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UFO Report:
“The 1964 UFO Chronology”

Created: 9 June 2006,
Updated: 1 November 2013

Quote from the web page:
“Following the UFO wave of 1957, a drought of sightings ran from 1958 to about 1964. Larry Hatch catalogued about 100 events per year in that period with his ‘U’ Database, the lowest count being 1963 with only 61 sightings. The 1954 European wave included some physical trace cases, and there was a scattering of reports after that. However, cases of this type increased markedly after 1963. 1964 was the year the landing reports became more prominent, beginning with the blockbuster event on April 24 at Socorro, New Mexico. (Note: Brad Sparks: My impression is that 1958-63 were not a ‘drought’ at all, that it is only the civilian outsider's viewpoint not knowing what the AF was collecting.  The BB files indicate a continuing stream of high quality UFO cases some of astounding merit). As far as 1964 was concerned, we all note a surprising lack of sightings reported in the first three months..

Our thanks for these chronologies must go to our documentation team: Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), Jean Waskiewicz (UFO dBase), and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns).

Fran Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator”:

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