Wednesday, 30 May 2018

UFO News Article:
“Texans Sight Bright Light”

8 November 1957
(Plainview Daily Herald, Texas)


This is an article about the 7 November 1957 (Thursday night) Amarillo area, Texas, UFO sightings and a Levelland, Texas, UFO observation.

Quote from the article:
“Sheriff Jack Cartwright at Dimmitt, on the upper South Plains, said the light was too large to be a star and appeared round. Stanley Vinson, police dispatcher at Hereford, described it as a bright object with blue lights on the bottom.

At Levelland, where a bright unidentified object was seen early Sunday, policeman A. J. Fowler said he followed the bright light by car Thursday night for about half an hour.

Fowler said it appeared to be two bright lights, one on top of the other, tinted red and blue.

He estimated it was about 2,500 feet high and about a mile away.”

(Page 8)

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