Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Italian News Camera Man Filmed 4 Spherical Shaped UFOs over Florence on 25 December 2009
(Studio Aperto, Italia 1)

The UFO footage was recorded during news footage filming of the recent Italian flooding disaster.

The Studio Aperto camera man discovered the unknown objects and zoomed in on them:



Analysis of the UFO footage:


UFO Filmed during Recording of “Columbo”
(U.S. TV Series) Episode in 1972

The daytime UFO was filmed during the recording of “The Most Crucial Game” episode. The filming took place at the Los Angeles, California harbour.

The unknown object flies towards the camera.

The UFO can be seen 9 seconds into the video:


“The Most Crucial Game” episode was first broadcast on 5 November 1972 in the U.S.