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Focus On Robert L. Salas’ Role In the UFO Field

Quote from the article, “The Science of UFOs” (by Robert L. Salas, 6 April 2018) (The UFO Chronicles) (
“March 24, 1967 - Flight Security Controller, Oscar Flight, near Roy, Montana to Lt. Robert Salas, Deputy Missile Crew Commander – ‘Sir, we are seeing some strange lights flying over the LCF. They are traveling very fast across the sky, stopping on a dime and reversing course, making ninety-degree turns, and making no engine noise. I don’t think they are aircraft.’

This was the report I remember receiving from my topside guard over fifty-one years ago. Anyone who has ever flown a high-speed aircraft or has familiarity aircraft of any type would find this report incredible. However, very similar observations have now been reported many times by credible witnesses. We need to move on from being awed by the ‘lights in the sky’ reflex. It may be time to try and attempt a scientific explanation of the observable flight characteristics of UFOs.”

Robert L. Salas resides in Ojai, California.

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Captain Robert L. Salas, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
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UFO News Article:
“Others describe strange, silent object in the sky”

21 April 1993
(St. Petersburg Times, Florida)

Sources: U.F.O. Newsclipping Service, Plumerville, Arkansas and

The whole article (Page 6):
“More sightings come to light of something big and boomerang-shaped moving above the Suncoast. Some say it hovered. Others say it vanished in a twinkling. No one claims to know what it was.

Ron Chancey, a Hernando County sheriff’s deputy, may not know exactly what he saw on patrol Friday night (16 April 1993), but he insists he saw something.

A boomerang-shaped something with a wingspan of at least 200 feet.

Something that hovered in the starry sky along Hernando’s coast. That could go from still to warp whatever in the time it takes to snap your fingers.

Chancey found six Hernando residents who said they saw the same thing over the coastal communities of Pine Island and Bayport. And on Tuesday, three more sightings of the mysterious thing were reported to the Times.

Chancey, assigned to patrol Pine !stand after last month’s devastating storm, said it was about 9:20 p.m. as he cruised slowly along Pine Island Drive with his window down and left arm on the door.

Through trees to the north, he first noticed blue lights that seemed to follow him. He drove southeast toward Bayport. Then he saw it over the marsh.

‘It was like a huge something or other,’ Chancey said. ‘The first thing I thought of was the Crystal River nuclear plant. I don’t know why, really. And then I thought of that movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with that big whatever-it-was that played the music. But this thing was real quiet. I would guess it was 200 or 300 feet long.’

Chancey said he stopped his cruiser and shined a spotlight at the thing. He saw no markings or numbers. No cockpit. He made out a vague, dark outline that appeared to be shaped like a boomerang.

After watching for a couple of minutes, Chancey drove on toward the park in Bayport. As he accelerated, he said, the object accelerated. The deputy shined the light at it again and it cut west toward the Gulf of Mexico.

He met with six people at the park in Bayport who told him they had also seen the object.

Baffled, he said he could only come to one conclusion.

‘Based on what I know now, no, I don’t think it’s from this planet,’ Chancey said. ‘Nothing on Earth could hover and haul ass like that.’

Garth and Sandra Curtis of Brooksville were in Tarpon Springs at 9:30 p.m. Friday when, they said, they saw the unidentified flying object.

‘We sat and watched it a good five minutes,’ Garth Curtis said. ‘It was moving slowly to the west. I don’t know what to believe. I've never seen anything like it.’

Mary McCracken of New Port Richey said she saw the same object the night before the Bayport sighting. It was Thursday night. L.A. Law was on. The latest storm front was drenching Pasco County.

‘Through my bedroom window, over in the southeast, I saw a bunch of real bright lights not too far over the treetops, moving real slow,’ she said. ‘I kept watching it. It was really big. I opened the window all the way, even with the rain, and listened. It didn’t make a sound.’

McCracken said as the object passed near her house a street light winked off. When it was gone, the light glowed again.

‘I couldn’t believe it not making a sound and going so slow like that,’ she said. ‘It makes me feel better that somebody else saw it and it was somebody credible like a deputy.’

Does she believe in extraterrestrials?

‘I think that it would be ignorant of me not to think there is something out there in this whole universe that has evolved. There has to be somebody out there.’

Lisa Curran, 28, also of New Port Richey, said she and her parents saw the unusual object in broad daylight Sunday afternoon. It hovered high above them, rising until it vanished, she said.

Her husband, Tom, who was not with her when she said she saw the object, disagrees. He said he believes it was a military airplane, possibly a Stealth bomber that can avoid radar detection.

‘I find it hard to believe it was from outer space,’ Tom Curran said.

Said Lisa: ‘If he saw it and I didn’t, I’d probably make fun of him, too.’ ”

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