Thursday, 15 December 2016

UFO News Article:
“Retired Air Force officer claims
he saw infamous UFO sighting”

6 December 2016
(New York Post, New York City, New York)

Steve Longero, U.S. Air Force Police Sergeantwitnessed the 
26 December 1980 Rendlesham Forest, UK, UFO incident, according to the New York Post.

The Rendlesham Forest, UK, UFO incidents occurred on
26 December (reported as 27 December by Charles I. Halt)
and 28 December 1980 (early hours), according to an article (rendlesham-forest-mod-article) by Nick Pope called “Rendlesham Forest - MoD Article.” 

The twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge were 
joint Royal Air Force-U.S. Air Force bases at the time of the UFO incidents.

Wikipedia article: “RAF Woodbridge”:

Quote from the “RAF Bentwaters” (Wikipedia) article:
“The mission of the 81st FIW (81st Fighter-Interceptor Wing, U.S. Air Force) was to provide air defence of the United Kingdom. It performed this mission jointly with the RAF, working with No. 11 Group RAF Fighter Command. The wing was the first unit of F-86’s assigned to NATO and the first foreign air unit to participate in the peacetime air defence of the United Kingdom.

In October 1954 the mission of the 81st changed from fighter-interceptor to fighter-bomber operations, carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons. The wing was charged with tactical operations in support of USAFE and NATO, with air defence as a secondary mission. To reflect this change, the unit was redesignated the 81st Fighter-Bomber Wing and traded in its F-86s for the Republic F-84F ‘Thunderstreak.’

On 8 July 1958 Bentwaters was operated as ‘twin base’ with RAF Woodbridge and as a single unit under the newly designated 81st Tactical Fighter Wing. Along with the 91st and 92nd squadrons, the 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron was transferred from RAF Shepherds Grove when the USAF returned Shepherds Grove to the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The 78th TFS operated from Woodbrige, while the 91st and 92nd squadrons operated from Bentwaters.”

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