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UFO News Article:
“Jesuit Astronomer sees flying Saucers
1965 Argentina”
(not the article’s headline)

Volume LXVIII, Number 13, 22 July 1965
(Catholic Transcript)


The whole article:
“ A Jesuit priest-astronomer here said he has seen unidentified flying objects — ‘flying saucers’ — in Argentine skies.

Father Benito Reyna, S.J., is professor of mathematics at Salvador University in Buenos Aires and an astronomer with more than 30 years experience.

THE FIRST TIME I saw UFOs, I was in Cordoba,’ Father Reyna told newsmen. ‘With the help of my telescope I was able to follow their flight clearly and to note their shape and color, predominently [sic] white, yellow, red and blue hues.

‘Then last March I saw them on two successive nights in San Miguel. At that time Echo II was orbiting the earth and I believe the crew of the flying saucers was closely following the U.S. man-made satellite to study its characteristics.”

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Map of Argentina (
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UFO Video Interview:
“Belgium General says incredible
UFO case is a mystery – Exclusive”

Published: 22 October 2014
(Open Minds Production, Tempe, Arizona)

Source: Open Minds Production (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“In this video, retired Belgian Air Force General Wilfried De Brouwer discusses a wave of triangular UFOs he investigated in 1989 and 1990. He was in charge of the Belgian Air Force’s official investigation. They never came to a definite conclusion as to where the mysterious triangles came from. De Brouwer also discusses the controversial photograph that was allegedly taken in Petit-Rechain.”

Wilfried De Brouwer is a retired Major General, according to the website,

Wikipedia article: “Belgian Air Component”:

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Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer, Belgian Air Force, presents anomalous radar readings at a 1990 press conference
(De Brouwer (retired in 1995) later became a Major General)
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