Monday, 14 September 2009

NASA TV UFOs: UFO Performs Manoeuvres near Mir, Unknown Date

Those who have seen a few documentary films pertaining to NASA and/or Space issues have registered that Space experts agree on the following when it comes to so-called Space debris, which fly far away from the Space Shuttle or ISS:

1) Moving Space debris cannot change its speed (slow down or
speed up),

2) Moving Space debris cannot change its flight course and

3) Moving Space debris cannot reverse its flight course.

In this video it’s easy to see that one of the unknown objects performs manoeuvres near the Russian Space station Mir.

Several unknown objects are seen in this NASA TV footage. To my knowledge, not one of the objects has been presented as a known piece of Space debris by NASA.

Watch the UFO which enters the screen in the lower right corner at 6:17 minutes into the video.

The unknown object slows down the speed, starts to move to the left, then descends on the screen, stops for a short while, moves up and down before it’s lost from view: (1) (2)

UFO Lecture:
Robert L. Hastings: The UFO - Nuke Connection,
Stockholm, Sweden, 1 June 2009

Robert L. Hastings is a U.S. UFO researcher, author and lecturer.

In this lecture Hastings recounts that he in March 1967 saw UFOs on a radar scope while he worked as janitor in the air traffic control tower at Malmstrom (Montana) Air Force Base. Malmstrom is an ICBM base.

Part 1 of the lecture:

Malmstrom Air Force Base article:

Robert L. Hastings, 
U.S. UFO Author, 
Lecturer & Researcher
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