Friday, 25 July 2008

UFOs Filmed by NASA TV from the Space Shuttle Atlantis (Fox News Report)

I am of the opinion that this FOX News report about official NASA TV UFO footage, is the strongest evidence for UFOs flying near the NASA Space Shuttles!

Mr. Wayne Hale, NASA Space Shuttle Program Manager, admits here that NASA rarely finds out where these objects come from!!!

Didn't Mr. Hale, here, in effect admit that UFOs fly close to the NASA Space Shuttle on virtually every Space Shuttle Mission (meaning: NASA does neither know what these unidentified objects are nor where they come from)?! NASA officials have repeatedly said in several NASA documentaries I have seen, that NASA has REGISTERED and TRACKS EVERY PIECE of space debris which floats near the Earth.

Maybe some of you are thinking the same thing I am thinking?

54 seconds into this video, you will see that one of the UFOs starts to accelerate, while the three other UFOs seemingly do not move:
New York City UFO Caught on ABC News Broadcast,
Unknown Date, Daytime

It's unknown when the UFO was filmed, but it is possible that the video source recorded it just a few days prior to 11 July 2006.

The video was added to YouTube on 11 July 2006: