Sunday, 3 May 2020

UFO Article, Video Report & TV News Report:
“Luis Elizondo CNN Spanish Interview”

29 April 2020
(Silva Record, U.S.A.)

Silva Record reports about the U.S. Department of Defense’s re-release of the FLIR1, Gimbal and GoFast videos on 27 April 2020.

Luis Elizondo ran the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) from 2010 (according to Elizondo’s own words in the following video: AATIP ran from 2007 to 2012. After 2012, he oversaw UFO work for five more years before resigning from the U.S. Department of Defense in October 2017. Elizondo is now the Director of Global Security & Special Programs for the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

Luis Elizondo
(CNN/ image)

UFO Podcast Show:
“The Pentagon’s Latest UFO Admission”

Streamed live: 2 May 2020
(“Richard Dolan Livestream,” Rochester, New York)

Source: Richard Dolan (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“The Pentagon recently officially released the three UFO videos that everyone has been arguing about for more than two years, finally laying to rest any final skeptical doubts about their authenticity. Now we need to be asking: what does it all mean?”

Transcript excerpt from the podcast show:
“You know, what an era we live in – when the United States military releases official UFO videos – and no one seems to care!

After more than two years of having three military videos of UFOs out there in the public for everyone to see – the Pentagon finally acknowledged them as legitimate and release their own copies to the world.

You know – in any other era this would constitute a bombshell – and you have to wonder why it isn’t. Like, what is the deal? Is it the [COVID-19] lockdown, you might wonder? But I think that doesn’t cut it – when you consider that we have been seeing pretty strong confirmations of UFOs for a while now.

Here’s some of the recent headlines that just came out relating to the Pentagon’s declassification, and you know it wasn’t that long ago, in 2017 – that we had this headline in The New York Times of 16 December 2017, in which the Pentagon acknowledged that, you know – shockingly supporting the reality of something in our skies that no one knew how to explain. Something encountered by the United States Navy – which seemed easily able to outclass our top fighter interceptors. This wasn’t ancient history, either. But that was post 9/11 America, the 2004 Tic Tac UFO incident, when there weren’t supposed to be any UFOs. So we had been told for year after year.

The stories that came out – and eventually three videos – were all released via the efforts of the organization known as To The Stars Academy [of Arts & Science]. That’s TTSA. You remember these guys – and they were able to get the videos cleared – or at least partially cleared. Very quietly, I think. 

The more we learned about how this whole process went about – they got them cleared very quietly, so as not to ring any alarm bells during the process of 2017. In other words – had they been completely upfront that these were very interesting UFO videos – it seems unlikely that those videos would have ever been released. But clearly – some of the folks in TTSA had a couple of friends in the right places who are able to make it happen.”

(Richard Dolan/ image)