Thursday, 30 August 2018

UFO Article (Blog):
“Bombshell Emerges: United States Air Force (USAF) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Investigated UFO Cases Years After Project Blue Book Closed”

By Paul Dean, 25 August 2018
(UFOs – Documenting The Evidence, Melbourne, Australia)

Quote from the article:
“We already know about JANAP–146 and its CIRVIS UFO reporting procedures, but what about the reference to ‘Air Force Manual 55–11’? During the late 1960’s ‘Air Force Manual 55–11, Operations, Air Force Operational Reporting System’ (AFM–55–11) detailed the vital ‘Air Force Operational Reporting System’ (AFOREPS). The AFOREPS network included several operational reporting categories, and one of them was the OPREP–3 channel. In May, 1971, the OPREP–3 system was migrated to the other branches of the US military. As stated, OPREP–3’s were been used to report UFO’s near military installations. Brig. Gen. Bolender’s stipulation that ‘…unidentified flying objects which could affect national security…’ be reported using such a system was evidently taken up.

On and on it goes. CIRVIS reports, MERINT reports, OPREP–3 reports, Serious Incident Reports… The USAF and, apparently, the FAA, had numerous, classified sources of UFO cases to investigate. Again, the US Army told Robert Todd that the ‘…USAF coordinate their investigation and findings with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)…’, and together they accomplished ‘…detailed follow–on investigations, if required…’. During the course of my research I have discovered several other channels utilised for UFO reporting. These include ‘Daily Spot Intelligence Reports’ (DSINTREP), which are swiftly lodged at the Headquarters of the Numbered Air Forces, and ‘Unit Reports’ (UNITREP) which are submitted by US Coast Guard ships. There are more. The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) has, or at least had, numerous instructions and command directives that specifically mention ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’, ‘UFOs’ and ‘Objects’. This would be fine if they were solely talking about stray aircraft, unknown aircraft, balloons and the like. But those more mundane aerial events were already covered in other doctrine. The old Air Force Intelligence Service (AFIS) was involved, at minimum, in the logging and preliminary assessment of UFO cases. Specifically, AFIS’s small Aerospace Intelligence Division (AFIS/INZ) handled UFO events for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and the 8th Air Force in 1975. Likewise, and unsurprisingly, the USAF’s Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence (ACS/I) dealt with UFO conundrums. Specifically, ACS/I’s highly classified Scientific and Technical Branch, which was located within the Directorate of Resource Management, was tasked with keeping track of USAF generated UFO sightings in the 1970’s. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In some ways, the US Army’s revelations to Robert Todd should be of little surprise. The signs were there all along. The military was still dealing heavily with the UFO topic after Project Blue Book ended. But now we have evidence of wider, multi–agency UFO ‘investigation’ rather than just the receiving of reports. The USAF and the FAA, in hindsight, were should always have been considered the most logical combination of bodies to investigate UFO events, at least within the United States. NORAD too has investigated UFO events, and not merely of the unidentified airplane flavour. Further, we now know that the US Army was quite prepared to deal with UFO’s too. Experience tells us that the declassified records we have thus far acquired will be dwarfed by what is not yet available. The entire history of governmental UFO secrecy is likely far richer than anyone initially envisaged.”

Wikipedia article: “United States Air Force”:

Wikipedia article: “Federal Aviation Administration”:

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UFO Article (Blog):
“Worst Fishing Experience Ever”

17 August 2018
(, U.S.A.)

Robert Barrow discusses the 11 October 1973 Charles Hickson/Calvin Parker UFO incident (occurred in Pascagoula, Mississippi).

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

UFO Case Directory (IMCAT):
“B-17 Photographic Mission Case
May 24, 1954
Richmond, Indiana”


The whole UFO case report:
Dan Wilson:
May 24, 1954; Richmond, Indiana (BBU)
12:25 EST. While flying on a photographic mapping mission in a B-17, Major Leo Brubaker USAF, observed and photographed an object below the plane for 45 seconds. The aircraft was flying at an altitude of 18,500 feet at 220 knots. The speed of the object was estimated at 440 knots. The object traveled a distance of six miles over the ground at a speed twice that of the aircraft. The photos were taken with a F11 mapping camera.” presents U.S. government (U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

Satellite photo of Richmond, Indiana (
( photo)

Sunday, 26 August 2018

UFO TV News Report:
The 20 January 1988 Nullarbor UFO Incident

(Unknown date)
(Unknown TV channel)

Source: QUFOSR (YouTube channel)

The UFO incident occurred between Madura and Mundrabilla
(the Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia) on 20 January 1988,
at 5:30 a.m. (according to The Age and 7 News).

The UFO was also sighted by other persons who were driving on the highway.

The crews on board two fishing trawlers off the Nullarbor Plain sighted the same or a similar UFO.

Madura is situated 114 kilometres (71 miles) west of Mundrabilla.

Wikipedia article: “Nullarbor Plain”:

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Saturday, 25 August 2018

UFO Radio Interview:
July 15 2018 - UFOS REVEALED”

(Coast to Coast AM, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Source: COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“Coast to Coast AM July 15, 2018. The existence of UFOs using technology beyond anything developed on Earth has been proved ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ according to Luis Elizondo, the former head of a covert US program that studied UFOs. Elizondo along with Jan Harzan, the Executive Director of MUFON, joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss various aspects of the Pentagon UFO study, and the broader ramifications of contact. While three videos from the study were released through Elizondo’s efforts, the Pentagon has a lot of other ones, Elizondo revealed, but it would be up to the government to release them if they chose to do so.”

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Thursday, 23 August 2018

UFO Radio Interviews:
“Official UFO Studies in France & Chile”

Published: 6 March 2018
Episode #12
(UFORadio International)

Source: OmniTalk Radio (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“Guests: Jacques Patenet (GEIPAN), Philip Connaughton (GEIPAN in Art), General Ricardo Bermudez (CEFAA - e-mail interview)

Due to a huge response to my previous interview with Luis Elizondo who was a head of an official body for UFO investigations within US DOD, we are continuing with a similar theme. This time I am opening my archives to present you the official UFO studies in France (GEIPAN) and Chile (CEFAA).

In an archived exclusive interview from December 8, 2006, head of GEIPAN (at the time) discussed with me history of official UFO research in France.

Excerpt from an interview with an amazing artist Philip Connaughton will show us how he was inspired by the works of GEIPAN to create dance opera ‘Extraterrestrial Events.’

The e-mail interview from October 24, 2000 with the head of CEFAA - General Ricardo Bermudez - presents official UFO research in Chile.”

The radio show is hosted by journalist and UFO researcher Giuliano Marinkovic.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

UFO Report:
“1948 UFO Chronology
and the ‘Estimate of the Situation’ ”

Created: 15 December 2005

Updated: 10 December 2016

Quote from the UFO report:
1948 was (and still is) a very important year in UFOlogy and this is a 24-page report.  I want to thank all the members of the A-Team who made this possible. The latest group of entries was supplied by new A-Team member, Don Johnson (UFOCAT fame) and are marked with an asterisk. Note: There are 209 entries in the 38-page La Paz catalog, the ‘Summary of Sightings of Unknown Phenomena, 17th District OSI.’ But in the 1948 group there were only 13 sightings and the only ones listed here are the reports with some important details that make them extraordinary. Also, brief case descriptions giving the Cat (Category) number, name of witness, and source in brackets (M=military), are NICAP UFO Evidence entries that haven’t been located. Finally, the case listings from BB files, where available, are inserted by month, and also listed here. A major breakthrough on the Mantell case occurred in 2006. This case had been explained by many researchers, but the A-Team uncovered new evidence. See January 7th. Finally, I want thank Loren Gross for thoughtfully and diligently collecting data many years ago for his UFO Histories and supplemental notes, in particular here the year 1948. And a big thanks to CUFOS and Mary Castnor for housing them on the CUFOS site.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

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UFO Article:
“Why Mysterious Green Fireballs
Worried the U.S. Government in 1948”

17 August 2018
(History, New York City, New York)

The U.S. Air Force investigated the “Green Fireball” phenomenon through Project Twinkle.

The Project Twinkle Final Report was released on 27 November 1951, according to the book, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry.

Wikipedia article: “Green fireballs”:

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Monday, 20 August 2018

UFO TV Interview:
“The Dunwell Report”: Joan Bird

(Unknown date)
(NBC KTVH, Helena, Montana)

Source: Donald Sanchez (YouTube channel)

Host Don Dunwell interviews U.S. biologist and UFO researcher Joan Bird.

Joan Bird
(Donald Sanchez/ image)

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Documentary Film Segment:
“The Condon Report | NASA’s Unexplained Files”

Published: 3 April 2012
(Science Channel (Discovery, Inc.), Silver Spring, Maryland)

Source: Science Channel (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“The U.S. Air Force created the Condon Report in 1968 to address UFO sightings.”

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Documentary Film Segment:
“Shuttle Commander Spots Mysterious Objects | NASA’s Unexplained Files”

Published: 18 March 2014
(Science Channel (Discovery, Inc.), Silver Spring, Maryland)

Source: Science Channel (YouTube channel)

The Science Channel reports on the STS-115 (9-21 September 2006) incident.

At 0:40, the STS-115 Commander says, “… some kind of reflective structure.”

The flashing, unknown objects were tracked for twenty minutes, according to the Science Channel.

As can be seen in this video (at 5:06) – the incident involved four unknown objects – not three (as mentioned by the STS-115 Commander):

(Source: tarfin (YouTube channel))

Wikipedia article: “STS-115”:

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

TV News Report (UFO Footage):

16 November 2011
(CCTV News, Beijing, China)

Source: Alien Disclosure Group (YouTube channel)

At 0:56, a pulsating, unknown object flies towards the camera before reversing its path.

The undocking took place on 16 November 2011, at 10:30 UTC, according to the Wikipedia article, “Shenzhou 8.”

Wikipedia article: “Shenzhou 8”:

Wikipedia article: “Tiangong-1”:

(CCTV News/youtube image)

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

UFO Article (Blog):
“Reference to the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program found in a 2018 issue of the US ‘Congressional Record.’ ”

By Keith Basterfield, 15 August 2018
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Quote from the article:

In a blog post dated 28 June 2018, titled ‘New US congressional hearings on UFOs?’ I brought together several pieces of information which suggested that at least one US Congressional Committee (and maybe more than one) was looking at conducting hearings on the topic of UFOs, stimulated by the news about the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program/
Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AAWSAP/AATIP.)

In that blog post, I suggested three possibilities for which committees might be involved:

1. The House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

2. The House of Representatives Science, Space and technology Committee.

3. The Senate Armed Services Committee.

New research

Recently a group of collaborating researchers, composed of Roger Glassel from Sweden; Curt Collins from the USA; Paul Dean from Melbourne, Australia, and myself from Adelaide, South Australia, have been following up on this subject area. The group has found a very interesting item, in the US ‘Congressional Record.’

The ‘Congressional Record’ is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress, published by the United States Government Publishing Office.

Volume 164, Number 56, dated Monday, April 9, 2018 of the ‘Congressional Record’  page H3062 included the following text:

‘4381. A letter from the Chief, Congressional Relations Division, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, transmitting a list of all products produced under the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program contract for the Defense Intelligence Agency to publish; to the Committee on Armed Services.’

The Team’s understanding, is that this means that the reference to ‘Committee on Armed Services’ is to the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. Does this mean that there was a presentation of some kind around April 2018? Are these ‘products’ back in the 2007-2012 era, or later? Was this a review brought about by the New York Times article of 2017? The finding of this item just raises further questions.”

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UFO Article (Blog):
“AATIP documents found on US website”

By Keith Basterfield, 9 August 2018
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Quote from the article:

On the morning of 7 August 2018 my attention was drawn to the existence of a number of documents, and videos about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.) The story broke when Twitter user @Jay09784691 posted several tweets about them, thus placing them in the public domain.

The items

Below, I present a summary of the items. I have chosen not to post any of the images in this post, as some provide personal information about certain individuals. I will however use the names of individuals who have self identified themselves as members of the To The Stars Academy.”

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

U.S. Government UFO Document:
DATE: 29 Oct 52/

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)

Source:, Lindon, Utah

Quote from the document:
“Airmen sighted silver colored object which was moving away from observers at about 7000′. Object ‘glided’ at a steady speed of about 400 MPH.”

The case is listed as “Unknown.”

Wikipedia article: “Erding Air Base”:

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Satellite photo of Erding, Germany (
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Monday, 13 August 2018

Google Searches/
Google Website Searches:
Focus On UFOs In Germany

(Germany Government Websites)
(no results as of 13 August 2018)

(All) (site:de) (Search term: “Fliegende Untertasse” (Flying Saucer)) (Deutschland)

(All) (site:de) (“Fliegende Untertassen”) (Deutschland)

(All) (site:de) (Deutschland)


(All) (2018) (Deutschland)

(All) (2018)

(All) (site:de)

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(All) (site:org)

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(All) (site:com) (Flying Saucers)

(All) (site:org) (Flying Saucers)

(All) (site:net) (Flying Saucers)

(All) (site:info) (Flying Saucers)

(All) (site:tv) (Flying Saucers)

(Google Blogs) (Deutschland)

(Google Blogs) (Fliegende Untertassen)

(Google Blogs)

(Google Blogs) (Flying Saucers)

(WordPress Blogs) (Deutschland)

(WordPress Blogs) (Fliegende Untertassen)

(WordPress Blogs)

(WordPress Blogs) (Flying Saucers)

(Viehverstümmelungen (Cattle Mutilations)) (Deutschland)

(UFO) (Videos) (Deutschland)

(UFO) (Videos)

(UFO TV) (Videos) (Deutschland)

(UFO TV) (Videos)

Website: Fold3 ( (Project Blue Book):

Website: Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) (

Website: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) (

Website: PROJECT 1947 (

Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (

Website: National UFO Reporting Center (

Website: UFO Casebook (


Website: UFO DNA (

Website: UFOS Northwest (, U.S.A.:

Website: Water UFO (

Website: National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) (


Website: The UFO Chronicles (

Website: Saturday Night Uforia (

Website: UFO UpDates (

Website: Angelfire (

Website: JTC UFO Database (Daniel Guenther, Germany)

Website: Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos, Spain

Wikipedia article: “Germany”: “Germany”:

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