Friday, 18 June 2010

UFO News Article: 
“Veteran talks of the 'Foo Fighters' ”,
21 April 2007 (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida)

Corporal Frederic O. Sargent was stationed with the 415th Night Fighter Squadron of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. He never flew. His principal job was to take care of the lights on the landing strips for night fighters.

Pilots in the 415th encountered and reported foo fighters, says Sargent:

Frederic O. Sargent
( photo)
UFO TV Footage:
2 Foo Fighters Filmed over Europe during WWII
(Unknown Documentary Film)

2 foo fighters were filmed while they flew through a formation of U.S. Army Air Force B-17 bombers over Europe.

Jeff Challender discovered the UFO footage while watching a World War II documentary film.

This UFO report comes from the late Jeff Challender’s Project P.R.O.V.E. website:

Two foo fighters filmed passing amongst U.S. B-17 bombers
during WWII (source: Jeff Challender, 2003)
( GIF)
UFO News Article:
“UFO study: Scientists say give matter closer look”,
30 June 1998 (Rome News-Tribune, Georgia)

Nine scientists from major universities and research institutions in the U.S. and Europe carefully reviewed a variety of UFO reports (The Sturrock Panel, 1998) and came to the conclusion that the UFO subject deserves far more attention from scientists than it has had up until now, according to this article:,9184439

Wikipedia article: “Peter A. Sturrock”:

I also posted a report on Peter A. Sturrock on 16 May 2010:


Peter A. Sturrock (British citizen),
Professor Emeritus of applied physics
at Stanford University, California &
UFO Researcher
UFO News Article:
“Yinger Meets With UFO Expert”, 16 October 1975
(The Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, Florida)

The Palm Beach Post reports that Palm Beach Junior College social science instructor Richard Yinger spent two weeks at the
J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in late 1975:,6542155

Quote from the article:
“ ‘Scientists from all over the country are coming and going continually to the UFO Center, which Hynek directs, in Evanston, Ill.,’ Yinger said.”

CUFOS History Consultant Frank J. Reid photographed in the CUFOS library ( photo)
UFO TV Series:
“Encontros Imediatos - Ep. 1: Dossier Alfena”
(“Close Encounters - Episode 1: The Alfena File”),
6 April 2008 (RTP2)

A UFO was observed for about fifty minutes over Alfena, Portugal by dozens of people on 10 September 1990, at 8:30 a.m.: (1) (2) (3)

A local photographer managed to take four high quality photos of the unknown object, that made it possible to study the shape and characteristics of the UFO, according to the video source.

Radio e Televisao de Portugal (RTP) is Portugal's state broadcaster.

UFO TV Footage:
Chuck Yeager, the X-1 & an Unidentified Flying Object
(The History Channel)

The UFO was caught on film while the U.S. Air Force filmed the Bell
X-1 experimental rocket airplane sometime in 1947:

Chuck Yeager, the famous X-1 test pilot, can also be seen in this footage.

The UFO footage was found on a History Channel aviation documentary film.

This UFO report comes from the late Jeff Challender’s Project P.R.O.V.E. website.

Chuck Yeager in 1947 with the U.S. Air Force X-1 experimental rocket airplane ( photo)