Wednesday, 31 August 2016

UFO Paper:
“The Swedish ‘Ghost Rocket’ Crisis of 1946”

By Robert E. Bartholomew, Anders Liljegren and Clas Svahn

Source: Archives For the Unexplained (AFU), Norrköping, Sweden

Quote from the document:
“Between early May and September 30th, 1946, a widespread panic occurred across Sweden as tens of thousands of citizens reported observations of phantom missiles. This led to the widespread folk theory that remote-controlled German V-rockets confiscated by the Soviets at the close of World War II, were being test-fired as a form of political intimidation, or a prelude to an invasion. Despite the widely publicized views of Swedish and foreign politicians, military officials, newspaper editors and scientists supporting the rocket’s reality, and voluminous press reports often treating their existence as factual, no concrete physical evidence was ever found. By the episode’s end, Swedish military investigators concluded that most observations were of meteors and related celestial phenomena, and of those unexplained, none were V-rockets.

Active American assistance supplied to Sweden during the ghost bomb crisis, reflected their concern over the Soviet’s long-range missile deployment capacity given the widespread conviction that they would soon develop atomic weaponry. American aerial warfare expert General James Doolittle flew to Sweden, discussing the sightings with Swedish Air Force commanders on August 21st, the same day it was reported that Swedish officials had approached Great Britain about buying radar equipment to track the ‘rockets,’ as British radar experts reportedly visited Sweden to provide first-hand evaluations of radar investigations. Curiously, a British intelligence report (‘Investigation of missile activity in Scandinavia,’ dated September 9) bears no evidence of such a visit. Most of the data in this report is from Norway, and nothing is said about radar sightings or analysis thereof. The radar cases that have been documented in the Defense Staff Archives, are not impressive and could be judged as such by competent Swedish Air Force personnel. Meanwhile phantom rockets were occasionally sighted during the episode in other Scandinavian countries, and to a lesser extent in Europe, but none matched the Swedish reports in terms of volume and social reaction.

On October 10th, the Defense Staff announced the results of its four-month investigation. It concluded that 80 percent of approximately 1,000 reports were attributable to ‘celestial phenomena,’ and of the remainder that were unexplainable, there was no conclusive evidence that any were V-type rockets or other objects of foreign-government origin.”

The Coat of Arms of the Swedish Armed Forces (
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

UFO News Article (Google Search):
“Spökraket jagades i bil genom Roslagen”
(“Ghost rocket chased in car through Roslagen”)

28 May 1946
(Aftonbladet, Stockholm, Sweden)

Source: Archives For the Unexplained (AFU), Norrköping, Sweden

The cylindrical shaped, unknown object was sighted on 25 May 1946, at 6:30 p.m.

NOTE: Copy and paste the text into Google Translate to get an understandable translation.

The article (Swedish text) is presented in the book, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry (Page 12).

Wikipedia article: “Roslagen”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“Roslagen is the name of the coastal areas of Uppland province in Sweden, which also constitutes the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago.”

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The Roslagen areas are shown in yellow (
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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Swedish Government UFO Documents &
UFO News Article:
“Index of /Downloads/UFO reports/
Scandinavia/GR translations/
59-06-03 Kärnsjön ghost rocket crash”

(Archives For the Unexplained (AFU), Norrköping, Sweden)

The documents/news article focus on the 3 June 1959 UFO incident at Kärnsjön (lake) (located 5 kilometres north of Munkedal), Sweden.

Quote from the original telegram (dated 6 June 1959) that was sent to the Swedish Defence Staff:
“On June 3, two people observed an unexplained object (1.5-2 meters long), which flew at an altitude of 200 meters. Point in time: 9:15 to 9:20 o'clock. The object fell into Kärnsjön, five kilometers north of Munkedal, and about 200 meters from the observers themselves. This information was reported by Landsfiskal Sjöblom in Munkedal. The object did not come from FPL or from F7 [I seem to be unable to comprehend what this means - Translator’s note].

According to EFYL EEEEEEEE CEFYL [sic], a copy of this message must be sent to the Defense Staff.

Received 8/6 at 09:35 o’clock.”

Satellite photo of Munkedal, Sweden (
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Saturday, 27 August 2016

News Article Index:
“Index of /Downloads/Clippings/
United Kingdom/Steve Gerrard clippings
(digitized by S Gerrard)/Disc 23 –
Cattle Mutilations 1978 - 2009”

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UFO News Article:
“Law officers probe cattle mutilations”

22 October 1975
(The Southeast Missourian, Cape Girardeau, Missouri)

The article reports on a series of cattle mutilations that occurred in Missouri in the autumn of 1975.

Quote from the article:
“ ‘It’s one of those things that don’t make any sense at all,’ said Lawrence County Sheriff Marvin Quade, who has investigated three such cases since Saturday (18 October 1975) in the southwest Missouri county.

A deputy sheriff in Nodaway (county) said four cases of cattle mutilations have been reported in that northwestern part of the state in the last month.

A rash of cattle mutilations were reported recently in 11 western states, with most of them occurring in Colorado.”

County map of Missouri (
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UFO News Article:
“Are UFOs responsible for cattle mutilations?”

1 June 2009
(Webster County Citizen, Seymour, Missouri)

Source: Archives For the Unexplained, Norrköping, Sweden

The article reports on cattle mutilations that occurred in Wright and Douglas Counties, Missouri, in mid 2009.

Quote from the article:
“Rick Lynch, who drives big rigs for Hutchens Industries-Steel Processors between their plants in Seymour and Mansfield, told me Monday afternoon about a recent mutilation of one of his Herefords.

This mutilation was done to a 4-year-old cow of his west of Mansfield.”

“Mansfield, Missouri” (

Satellite photo of Mansfield, Missouri (
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County map of Missouri (
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

UFO News Article:
“Get National Coverage -
Bizarre Cattle Mutilations,
Investigations Continue”

Volume 78, Summer 1978
(The Elsberry Democrat, Missouri)

Source: Archives For the Unexplained (AFU), Norrköping, Sweden

The article reports on the UFO incidents and cattle mutilations that occurred in the Elsberry (Missouri) area in the spring/summer of 1978.

“Elsberry, Missouri” (

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Satellite photo of Elsberry, Missouri (
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

UFO News Article:
“Deltonan, Deputies Report UFO Sighting”

4 March 1976
(Daytona Beach Morning Journal, Florida)

The whole article:
“An unidentified flying object, ‘neither an airplane nor a star,’ was sighted in Southwest Volusia Monday (2 February 1976) by several persons, including two sheriff’s deputies.

A Deltona woman was apparently the first to sight the object and she notified the sheriff’s office at 5:49 a.m., according to a report released by the sheriff’s office Tuesday.

Two deputies on routine patrol near Taylor Road south of DeLand, heard the call. They pulled over and watched the object through field glasses for 20 minutes as it moved about the southern sky.

‘It was very strange,’ said Deputy Richard Samuels, who watched the UFO with his partner, Deputy L. R. Schneider. Samuels said there were two objects about treetop level and they seemed to change color, climb, come together, separate and finally stablize.

Samuels said his shift commander, Sgt. Ben Johnson, also viewed the UFO as did Florida Highway Patrol personnel in DeLand.

The object was reported to the control tower at Daytona Beach Regional Airport, according to the report, and the sheriff’s office was told it was ‘neither an airplane nor a star.’

The FHP sighting could not be confirmed and Bert Chambers, head of traffic control at the airport, said there was nothing in his logs about a UFO Monday.

A Deltona resident, Winifred C. Stavracos, who called in the original report, described the object as being 20 times as bright as a star and said it looked as if it were moving in a circle with a pulsating light.

Mrs. Stavracos said her daughter also witnessed the UFO and said she had seen another one less than a month ago.

A DeLand resident, Bill Dunn, reported Tuesday he had seen a ‘round light that came up from the ground, made a half circle and went back down again’ while on an early morning paper route two weeks ago south of DeLand.

‘It was odd,’ he said, ‘but I didn’t think much of it until I heard about this one in the same area.’

Samuels said he had kept a lookout for the UFO again Tuesday morning, but saw nothing and has heard no further reports concerning it.”

Satellite photo of DeLand, Florida (
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

UFO News Article:
“Flying Objects Seem To Be Bobbing Up”

29 March 1966
(Lodi News-Sentinel, California)

The article reports on the many UFO incidents that were witnessed in the United States in March 1966.

Several of the UFO incidents were observed by police officers.

Quote from the article:
Macomb County Patrolman Kenneth Stephens said he and another officer saw strangely moving intense white lights in the sky. He said the lights fell swiftly, veered into a swampy area and vanished.

Police officers in six North Carolina towns saw an object streak from east to west. Newton police officer Melvin Barlowe said it looked like ‘a big blue bolt of fire with fire arching off the edges.’

‘We don’t have anything around here that could catch it,’ he said. ‘No swamp gas or nothing like that could move that fast.’ 

State Trooper John Rashke told his superiors he watched two ‘egg-shaped objects of orange color with a bright glow in the center’ spinning through the sky near Valparaiso, Ind., Sunday night.

NOTE: The newspaper date is 29 March 1966.

The article is the same UPI article I reported on in 2013:

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Satellite photo of Newton, North Carolina (
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Map of Valparaiso, Indiana
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UFO News Article:
“Librarian compiling curious references –
Strange events could fill a book, and will”

7 October 1979
(The Lawrence Daily Journal-World, Kansas)

The article reports on the research of George M. Eberhart, the official librarian (in 1979) for MUFON.

Most of the article deals with the UFO phenomenon and animal mutilations.,1370836

( image)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

UFO Case Directory:
“Category 9: Radar Incident
Heavily-Witnessed Radar-Visual
Case Near Kansas City
Belton, MO
August 8, 1978”


The whole UFO case report:
“This UFO is certainly an unusual, dynamic one, putting on a show over Belton, MO that could be seen in three neighboring suburbs south of Kansas City, with dozens of witnesses reporting it independently to law enforcement agencies and the local Air Force base. Thus, it is distinguished as the IUR case with the greatest number of witnesses. It also appears to have been seen briefly on radar. If this event was based on a hoax, it would be unprecedentedly elaborate.

Our thanks to Mary Castner for the pdg file which presents the IUR in its full glory.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

Satellite photo of Belton, Missouri (
( photo)

UFO Website:
“1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO Flap”

Quote from the home page:
“The information, reports and pictures contained within this site are the copyrighted property of the Missouri Investigators Group and Barbara Becker. They may be used and reproduced with the proper attribution.”

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Satellite photo of Elsberry, Missouri (
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Google Searches:
Focus On the 1978 Elsberry, Missouri,
UFO Sightings and Cattle Mutilations

(Search term: 1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO) (All)

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(1978 Elsberry Missouri Cattle Mutilations site:com) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri Cattle Mutilations site:org) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri Cattle Mutilations site:net) (All)

Satellite photo of Elsberry, Missouri (
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Saturday, 20 August 2016

UFO Case Directory:
“Group/Category 10: Nuclear Connection
U.S.S. Curtiss Carrying Nuclear
Weapons Buzzed By UFO
April 7, 1954”


The whole UFO case report:
Francis Ridge:
In 1998 I established the Nuclear Connection Project and this was one of over 200 incidents we discovered. It had been investigated by Robert Hastings and Dan Wilson. Many historical documents were located and some of the witnesses have been interrogated. Larry Hatch (NCP member) provided the printout:
Castle Series Nuclear Weapons Tests. pp 64+274+341 
c/o Daniel Wilson, 15 Parkview Dr., Painesville,OH  44077

In this incident an unidentified luminous object passed, low and fast, over the ship from bow to stern. The Curtiss (see photo) was not an aircraft carrier but a airplane tender ship (AV-4) refurbished for carrying components for nuclear weapons for the upcoming tests at Operation Castle, at Eniwetak Atol. There were six shots. The crews of the Bairoko, Estes, PC 1546, Phillip, and other ships at Operation Castle were caught in the heavy fallout of the runaway thermonuclear detonation of Bravo. These once secret documents prove an exposure to radiation far in excess of that allowed for other JTF 7 personnel.

From Table 60, operational activities during the CASTLE  test series, CASTLE SERIES, DNA 6035F, 1 April  1982. Page 341 is from the logbook of the USS  CURTISS, Shot KOON 7 Apr 1954.

‘Steamed independently in operating area BG 28-36-1.’
‘At 1138 anchored berth N-6, Bikini; at 1948 left berth en route to Enewetak at 2305 an unidentified luminous object passed over ship from bow to stern, yellowish-orange in color, traveling at a high rate of speed and a low altitude.’

Captain Edward Ruppelt:
Some people in the Pentagon had the idea that there were beings, earthly or otherwise, who might be interested in our activities in the Pacific, as they seemed to be in Operation Mainbrace. Consequently Project Blue Book had been directed to get transportation to the test area to set up a reporting net, brief people on how to report, and analyze their reports on the spot.

Francis Ridge:
If that’s not enough, there is even more reason to believe that the U.S. Government knew that UFOs might appear at Operation Castle in the spring of 1954. One 1004-page document attests to this on pages 555 and 556. from Ref. 1 below. CIRVIS reporting and JANAP 146 are mentioned. These are also mentioned in another document on Page 59 of 65 under Paragraph 3., Simulated Combat Training, in Ref. 2 below) and includes mention of AF Letter 200-5. Copies of those regulations are on the NICAP site: AF Letter 200-5 and JANAP 146.”

Wikipedia article: “USS Curtiss (AV-4)”:

U.S.S. Curtiss (AV-4), 1940 (
( photo)

Google Website Searches:
Focus On’s Nuclear Connection Project

Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (

(Search term: Nuclear Connection Project)


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Friday, 19 August 2016

U.S. Government UFO Publication:

(National Archives and Records Administration, 
Washington, D.C.)

Source:, Lindon, Utah

The publication (“Publication Number: T1206”) was published in 1976.

( image)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

UFO News Article:
“3 policemen confirm sighting
of flashing multicolored UFO”

6 August 1976
(The Morning Record, Meriden-Wallingford, Connecticut)

Quote from the article:
“The Carmel Police Department said Thursday that three police officers called to witness the sighting of an unidentified flying object over nearby Mahopac actually saw something that they couldn’t identify pulsing in the sky.

The object was spotted and reported Wednesday night by Robert Janowski, 14, of Carmel.

Officers Tom Budington, Kenneth Stern and Dennis Freyler were preparing a report on the multicoloured object for the Federal Aviation Administration, police said.”

Satellite photo of Carmel, New York (
( photo)