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(Blue Book “Conclusion Unidentified”)

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UFO Article:
“UFO Activity at Nuclear Weapons Sites:
Military Veterans’ Testimony Sought”

By Robert L. Hastings, 6 February 2016
(The UFO Chronicles, 9 February 2016)

Quote from the article:
“Since 1973, I have interviewed more than 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their nuclear weapons-related UFO experiences while in the service. Seven of those individuals participated in my UFOs and Nukes press conference in Washington D.C., on September 27, 2010.

Other veterans have appeared in my soon-to-be released documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed.

These persons’ testimony makes clear that UFOs have exhibited a longstanding and ongoing interest in American nuclear weapons sites—missile silos, bomb/warhead storage depots, ICBM and bomb-detonation test areas—extending from the late 1940s to the present day. Indeed, thousands of declassified U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA documents confirm the reality of the situation.”

Atlas F ICBM silo
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UFO Article:
“New ‘UFOs and Nukes’ Film Trailer:
The Amazing Big Sur Incident”

By Robert L. Hastings, 31 January 2016
(The UFO Chronicles, 2 February 2016)

Quote from the article:
“I have recently begun to receive a steady stream of inquiries regarding my documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, which was first publicized on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, over a year ago, and more recently at my website. The latter update noted that the film had finally been finished last summer and that efforts were/are currently underway to have it licensed-for-broadcast by one or more television networks. A five-minute trailer is available online.

Meanwhile, I offer here a second film trailer, inserted above, relating to the nearly unbelievable, still-Top Secret Big Sur UFO Incident. Two former U.S. Air Force officers—Drs. Robert Jacobs and Florenze Mansmann—have publicly discussed the inadvertent and totally unexpected filming of a UFO shooting down a dummy nuclear warhead in flight during a 1964 missile test at Vandenberg AFB, California. Private correspondence relating to the event, written years later, reveals the stunning details of the encounter.”

Aerial view of Space Launch Complex 6 (1985), 
Vandenberg Air Force Base, California 
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UFO Article:
“Airline Pilots Protest U.S. Government Secrecy
on UFOs: the Big Story the Elite Media Buried”

By Robert L. Hastings, 3 January 2016
(The UFO Chronicles, 5 January 2016)

Quote from the article:
“On December 22, 1958, a New Jersey newspaper, the Newark Star-Ledger, published the startling article above.

The key passages follow here:
A group of more than 50 top commercial airline pilots, all veterans of more than 15 years with major companies, yesterday blasted as ‘bordering on the absolute ridiculous’ the Air Force policy of tight censorship, brush-off and denial in regard to unidentified flying objects—flying saucers.

One termed the Air Force policy ‘a lesson in lying, intrigue and the Big Brother attitude carried to the ultimate extreme.’ Each of the pilots has sighted at least one UFO, the majority several... ‘We are ordered to report all UFO sightings,’ said one, ‘but when we do, we are treated like incompetents and told to keep quiet...’ This pilot also pointed to a Joint Chiefs of Staff order giving top radio priority to UFO reports anywhere in the world and specifying that any pilot who fails to maintain absolute secrecy afterwards is subject to a maximum of ten years in jail and a fine of $10,000.’ ”

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