Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The UK MoD Explained Away ITV UFO Footage,
October 1971

In late October 1971 an ITV TV crew was recording footage for a farming report, and by chance, they managed to record footage of a UFO:


The daytime UFO film was recorded near Enstone, UK.

I posted a report regarding this ITV UFO footage on 17 August 2008.

When I read through the March 1972 issue of Skylook (MUFON), I found a short report that told us that the UK Ministry of Defence was of the opinion that this footage showed Space debris.

Space debris?!!!

The unknown object hovered for a while, before taking off at an unbelievable speed!

Apparently, it was important to the MoD to convince the UK public that the footage didn't show an unknown object.

Skylook, March 1972 article, Page 20: “A Report on UFOs over England”: ”And on Oct. 29 the “Oxford Times” said …”


The badge of the UK Ministry of Defence Combined Services
(vector-images.com image)