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UFO News Articles:
“in the news 1952” 
(Saturday Night Uforia)

Part 21 (4 August 1952 (continued) and 5 August 1952):

Part 22 (6 August 1952):

Part 23 (7 August 1952):

Part 24 (8 August 1952):

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UFO News Article: 
“UFO Seen in 4 State Counties”, 29 July 1972 
(The Milwaukee Journal, Wisconsin)

A UFO was sighted over Shawano, Waupaca, Outagamie and Brown Counties in Eastern Wisconsin on the early morning of 29 July 1972, The Milwaukee Journal reports:

Quote from the article:
“Sheriff’s Department officers in Shawano and Waupaca Counties reported seeing the object themselves.

A Shawano County officer described the object sighted there as appearing bright orange and about the size of a volleyball and traveling at a height of 800 feet. He said it followed a zigzag pattern across the sky.”

NOTE: The newspaper date is 29 July 1972.

County map of Wisconsin (
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