Friday, 10 July 2009

Air Traffic Control Audio:
UFO Sighting by Chilean Airline Pilot,
Puerto Montt, Chile, (probably) 1988

CORRECTION: This audio recording comes from the Chilean Military, according to the video source. But LAN Chile is the name of Chile’s national airline. And this UFO incident involves a LAN Chile airliner (flight LAN 45). After doing some research, I’ve found that this incident probably is a Boeing 737 UFO encounter, which occurred in 1988. If that’s the case, then it’s likely that this audio recording comes from Chile’s Department of Civil Aeronautics (the equivalent of the U.S. FAA). The Boeing 737 made its final approach to the runway at the Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt City, when the captain saw a UFO, which flew straight towards the airliner.

This is an audio recording (texted in English) of the conversation (recorded during the UFO incident) between the captain of the LAN Chile airliner and a radar operator at the Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt City:

The radar operator also saw the unknown object, but the UFO was not detected by radar. The UFO’s lights changed colour from yellow to red, according to the radar operator.

LAN Chile airliner
at Tepual Airport
in Puerto Montt
NASA Video Report by Jeff Challender:
STS-106 Event Two – Chicago!

This is another excellent presentation by Jeff Challender.

In this video one can clearly see two self-luminous, unknown objects, which fly over Chicago, Illinois:

The NASA STS-106 Space Shuttle Atlantis mission:

Launch date: 8 September 2000 -
Landing date: 19 September 2000.