Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Best “Real TV UFO” Case of 2009:
The UFO Footage Recorded during the “Boy in the Balloon” Live Broadcast
, 16 October 2009

The “Boy in the Balloon” UFO footage was filmed near Fort Collins, Colorado.

CNN, Fox News and several other TV channels broadcast the live UFO footage:

The CNN broadcast:


The Fox News broadcast:


UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“Dei Cieli di Firenze”
(Mass UFO Sighting over Florence in 1954)
(Voyager, Rai, Rome, Italy)

Several UFOs were sighted over Florence, Italy on 27 October 1954, at 2:30 p.m. The UFOs manoeuvred low over Florence for several minutes. The unknown objects had arrived from the north west, according to several witnesses. Many Florence residents saw the UFOs.

A football match between Fiorentina and Pistoiese was already underway, and the stadium was packed. Suddenly, a UFO flew low over the stadium. The match was stopped, and everyone inside the stadium watched the UFO:


Rai is Italy’s state broadcaster.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Book Preview on Google Books:

U.S. UFO author and researcher Dr. Bruce Maccabee presents a large preview of his book, UFO-FBI CONNECTION (2000) on the Google Books website (as of 5 January 2010):


The only missing parts of the book are Foreword, Introduction and Chapters 22 and 25!

Wikipedia quote: "Bruce Maccabee (May 6, 1942) is an American optical physicist formerly employed by the U.S. Navy, and a leading ufologist."

Dr. Bruce Maccabee website (at the Internet Archive):


Wikipedia article: "Bruce Maccabee":


Dr. Bruce Maccabee, U.S. Optical Physicist,
UFO Author & Researcher
(nicap.org photo)

The FBI Headquarters,
J. Edgar Hoover Building,
Washington, D.C.