Saturday, 31 July 2010

UFO Publications:
Mutual UFO Network, Inc. Publications List

MUFON publications 1976 - 1998:

( image)
Unknown Object Filmed during the Vostok 1 Lift-Off

Vostok 1 was the first human spaceflight.

The Vostok 3KA spacecraft, flown by Yuri Gagarin, was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Soviet Union on 12 April 1961.

This UFO report comes from the late Jeff Challender’s Project P.R.O.V.E. website:

Lift-off of Vostok 1
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“NASA backs The Sun's X-Files”, 28 January 2010
(The Sun, London, UK)

NASA planetary scientist Dr. Christopher P. McKay has backed The Sun’s study of the UK MoD UFO files, according to the article:

Dr. Christopher P. McKay,
NASA Planetary Scientist

Friday, 30 July 2010

NASA TV UFOs: Several Unknown Objects
Filmed Behind the Space Shuttle

The UFOs emit a bright, pulsating light:

The UFO footage comes from an unknown Space Shuttle mission.

NASA's Mission Control Center (MCC-H)
at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
in Houston, Texas
ISS Camera Films Pulsating, Unknown Object

during the Russian EVA on 27 July 2010

The Russian camera tracks the movement of the unknown object:

Thursday, 29 July 2010

UFO Radio Interview:
Richard M. Dolan, 12 February 2010

(The Veritas Show)

Richard M. Dolan and host Mel Fabregas discuss Dolan’s new book, “UFOs and the National Security State - Vol. 2”: (8 parts)

Richard M. Dolan,
U.S. Historian, UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
UFO TV News Magazine Report:
UFO Sighted by Sixteen Mexico City

Police Officers on 14 February 2000 (Unknown Date)
(Los Grandes Misterios del Tercer Milenio,

Gustavo A. Madero Precinct (Mexico City, Mexico) Police Officers Enrique Torres Sedeno and Israel Valdivia Gutierrez sighted a disk shaped UFO over a football (soccer) field in Santo Tomas on 14 February 2000, at around 2:00 a.m.:

The self-luminous UFO measured ten metres in diameter.

Fourteen other Police Officers and newspaper photographer Saul Navarro also sighted the UFO over different parts of Mexico City. And Navarro managed to photograph the UFO. The UFO photo can be seen at 18 seconds into the video.

Inexplicata presents a report on this UFO incident:
“No Trespassing: UFO CE-2's: Incident at Azcapotzalco”,
1 April 2009 (

Police Chief Andres Rangel Lara,
Sector 11 Azcapotzalco
UFO News Article:
“Forca Aerea Portuguesa (FAP) entra

em alerta apos observacao de UFOs”
(“Portuguese Air Force (FAP) goes

on alert after observing UFOs”),
6 June 2004 (Informe Sergipe, Brazil)

News article on the 1 June 2004 UFO incident in Spain and Portugal:

A large, self-luminous UFO was sighted over Galicia, Spain and over many locations down the length of Portugal at about 10:30 p.m.

The UFO was registered on at least one Portuguese Air Force radar screen.

English translation:

I also reported on this UFO incident on 3 August 2009 and
30 June 2010:



UFO Radio Interview:
A. J. Gevaerd, 26 February 2010

(The Veritas Show)

A. J. Gevaerd and host Mel Fabregas discuss the latest and most important UFO cases in Brazil:
(9 parts)

A. J. Gevaerd,
Founder and Editor of
Revista UFO (Brazilian UFO Magazine) &
UFO Researcher
( photo)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

UFO Article:
“Pilots and UFOs” (The Why Files, UK)

The Why Files presents UFO incidents involving aircraft pilots:

Airline Captain James Courant sighted a UFO over Albuquerque, New Mexico in February 1995

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

UFO Documentary Film Excerpt:
UFO Sightings by British Airline Pilots

This excerpt presents the UFO sightings of British airline captains James Howard (29 June 1954) and Graham Shepherd (22 March1967):

Captain James Howard,

Captain Graham Shepherd,
British Airways

UFO Radio News Report:
UFO Sighting by British Airways Captain in July 1976

(BBC Radio 4)

The UFO was sighted during a flight from Edinburgh, UK to Portugal.

BBC Radio 4 interviews the British Airways captain:

Lisbon Air Traffic Control reported to the captain that they had received a report of a UFO sighting in the area. The captain was asked to confirm the UFO sighting. When the captain looked out the window he saw a large, bright, round UFO which hovered over the sea. The UFO sighting occurred at 29000 feet over southern Portugal at 8:00 p.m. The crew on board another airliner also sighted the UFO, according to the captain.

( photo)

Monday, 26 July 2010

UFO TV News Magazine Report:
Mexican UFO Videos and Photos (Unknown Date)
(Los Grandes Misterios del Tercer Milenio, Mexico)

The TV report presents several very interesting UFO videos and photographs:

UFO News Article:
“Investigation: UFO seen in Xiaoshan airport is aircraft”,
26 July 2010 (People’s Daily Online, Beijing, China)

Two UFO groups, the Beijing UFO Research Organisation and the Shanghai UFO Research Center, have investigated the 7 July 2010 Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport UFO incident.

They have come to the conclusion that the unknown object is probably an aircraft:

(China Daily photo)
UFO TV News Report:
Daytime UFO Filmed over Guatemala City in 1976
(Unknown Date) (Notimex TV (News Agency), Mexico)

An advertising company was filming a car commercial, when a fast-flying UFO suddenly appeared in the skies over Guatemala City, Guatemala on 6 October 1976, at daytime.

Cameraman Manuel Juarez managed to film the self-luminous UFO:

Notimex is a semi-official Mexican news agency.

Cameraman Manuel Juarez (left)
UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“Avistamiento en la Plaza de Toros Mexico”
(“Sighting in Plaza de Toros Mexico”) (Unknown Date)
(Los Grandes Misterios del Tercer Milenio, Mexico)

A UFO was filmed over the Plaza de Toros Mexico bullfighting arena in Mexico City during a competition in 2005:

The TV report also contains several other Mexican UFO footage.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

UFO TV News Magazine Report:
OVNIs Demetrio Feria (Unknown Date)
(Los Grandes Misterios del Tercer Milenio, 

Mexico City resident Demetrio Feria regularly scans the skies over the city and has managed to film several UFOs.

Los Grandes Misterios del Tercer Milenio (now called Tercer Milenio) presents many of Feria's UFO videos:

Saturday, 24 July 2010

UFO News Article: “Cuatro maestros dicen
haber visto a un OVNI en Neuquen”
(“Four teachers reported seeing a UFO in Neuquen”),
7 August 2009 (MDZ Online, Mendoza, Argentina)

Four teachers sighted a self-luminous UFO over De la Garma, Neuquen, Argentina on 6 August 2009, at 7:30 a.m., according to MDZ Online:

One of the teachers managed to photograph the UFO.

English translation:

( photo)
UFO TV News Report:
“OVNI en Chos Malal? -

Extrano Objeto en el Cielo Neuquino”
(“UFO in Chos Malal? -

Strange Object in the Sky over Neuquen”)
(Unknown Date) (Canal 7, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The cylindrical shaped UFO was filmed over La Salada, Neuquen, Argentina in February 2009, according to the video source:

Friday, 23 July 2010

UFO News Article (Blog):
“UFO footage: Lights in the sky over Saltney”,
23 July 2010 (BBC, London, UK)

A security camera filmed 3 self-luminous, unknown objects which flew over an engineering yard in Saltney, Flintshire, UK on 16 July 2010, at 10:23 p.m., according to BBC North East Wales:

The article contains the UFO footage.

( photo)
UFO TV Talk Show:
OVNIs 2, 21 July 2010
(La Sobremesa, Cadena Tres, Mexico City, Mexico)

La Sobremesa presents a very interesting UFO video.

2 manoeuvring UFOs were filmed over a hill in Cuernavaca, Mexico by Oscar Javier Diaz Gonzales on 14 August 2009, at 12:27 a.m.

This is an excerpt from the La Sobremesa talk show that was broadcasted on 21 July:

TV reporter and UFO researcher Ana Luisa Cid hosts La Sobremesa.

Ana Luisa Cid,
Mexican TV Reporter &
UFO Researcher
UFO News Article & TV News Report:
“U.F.O. Convention”, 23 July 2010

(KDVR Fox 31 News, Denver, Colorado)

Fox 31 News reports on MUFON’s 41st Annual International UFO Symposium:,0,2652370.story

The UFO symposium will be held at the Marriott Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado on 22-25 July 2010.

ufosweden video:

Steve Firmani,
MUFON Investigator
UFO News Articles:
“Reports of UFO Sightings Spur Strange Developments”/
“Hudson Couple Reports Seeing UFO in Area of Kingston
17 October 1973 (Nashua Telegraph, New Hampshire)

Nashua Telegraph reports on the 1973 U.S. UFO wave:,2265820

On 15 October 1973, at 9:30 p.m., Russell King and his wife sighted a UFO over Kingston Lake, Kingston, New Hampshire which was chased by an airplane.

Satellite photo of Kingston and Kingston Lake, New Hampshire
( photo)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

UFO News Article:
“North Bergen: UFO hotspot! Thirty years after initial case, town lays claim to American's most sightings”,

20 August 2005
(, Hoboken, New Jersey)

North Bergen, New Jersey is the location in the U.S. that has had the most UFO sightings between 1975 and 2005, according to the Hudson

Aerial view of North Bergen, New Jersey
( photo)
UFO TV News Report:
“Hangzhou UFO” (Unknown Date)

(Blue Ocean Network, Beijing, China)

BON TV reports on the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport UFO incident that occurred on 7 July 2010, at around 8:00 p.m.:

UFO News Article:
“No info on UFO sighting, say police”,

22 July 2010 (The Star, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

I recently posted two reports on the alleged UFO sighting over
the Tuaran Beach Resort in Tuaran, Malaysia on 17 July 2010.

I’ve removed them because the Tuaran Police Department reports that no one at the resort seems to know anything about the UFO sighting:

Tuaran Beach Resort, Tuaran, Malaysia
( photo)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

UFO Documentary Film Trailer:
“UFOs 1973” (Reality Films)

This is a documentary regarding the 1973 U.S. UFO wave:

Reality Films UFO documentary film description:

TV UFO Footage:
UFO Caught on Live U.S. News Report on 15 July 2010

(Morning Express with Robin Meade,
HLN, Atlanta, Georgia)

An unidentified flying object was filmed during recording of news footage regarding a huge wildfire near the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho on the morning of 15 July 2010:

News article:
“Huge wildfire at Idaho nuclear lab was human-caused”,
16 July 2010 (, Portland, Oregon)

Satellite photo of Idaho Falls, Idaho (
( photo)
Compilation of NASA UFO Footage

The footage come from the Space Shuttle, International Space Station (ISS), Gemini and Apollo missions:

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

UFO News Article:
“Files reveal ‘close encounters’

with spaceships over Scotland”,
18 February 2010 (The Herald, Glasgow, UK)

The Herald reports on some of the Scottish UFO cases that were found in the UK MoD UFO files that were released on 18 February 2010:

Quote from the article:
“Stirlingshire is featured prominently in the papers, given correspondence between Councillor Billy Buchanan and then prime minister John Major, calling for an inquiry into 600 alleged sightings in Bonnybridge.”

Billy Buchanan, Bonnybridge Councillor
( photo)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Strange but True? (UK TV Series):
UFO Sightings in Scotland

TV report on UFO incidents that have occurred in Scotland, UK, throughout the years: (1) (2)

The TV report presents the 1979 Robert Taylor UFO incident.

This UFO incident occurred in the Dechmont Woods in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, UK, on 9 November 1979, between approximately 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Wikipedia article: “Robert Taylor incident”:

Robert Taylor
(Discovery Channel/ image)
UFO News Article:
“I caught a UFO on camera”, 19 July 2010
(Hartlepool Mail, UK)

Paul Simpson filmed a dark unidentified flying object with an orange glow over his home in Peterlee, UK sometime in June 2010.

The article includes the UFO video:

Quote from the article:
“He has been left astonished after he witnessed the black object above properties in the Eden Hill area of Peterlee and later discovered other people had seen it as well.”

Paul Simpson ( photo)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

UFO News Article (Pay-Per-View):
“Air Force Scans Foreign Pictures of Flying Saucers”,
12 December 1954 (Los Angeles Times)

Interesting article that shows that the U.S. Air Force took UFOs seriously in 1954:

Quote from the article:
“WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 - The Air Force is studying so-called flying saucer in foreign countries as well as those reported in the United States.”

( image)
UFO News Article:
“Flying Saucers Spotted In West”, 5 July 1947

(St. Petersburg Times, Florida)

St. Petersburg Times reports on the June/July 1947 U.S. UFO sightings:,1433703

Quote from the article:
“At Boise, Ida., United Press correspondent John Corlett and his wife said they saw a single disc zoom over the town, disappearing in about three seconds.”

Satellite photo of Boise, Idaho (
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“ ‘Saucers’ Reported Seen By Peruvians”, 1 January 1955
(The Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, Florida)

The Peruvian Government newspaper La Nacion reported that at least fifty persons, including one of the newspaper's editors, sighted 5 disk shaped UFOs over Lima, Peru on 30 December 1954, according to the article:,126779

The UFOs were silver-coloured and emitted intense light.

Lima, Peru
( photo)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

UFO TV News Report:
OVNI en Costa Rica en 2006 (UFO in Costa Rica in 2006)
(Unknown Date) (Noticias Repretel, Canal 6, Costa Rica)

TV news report regarding the 13 January 2006 mass UFO sighting over San Jose, Costa Rica:

The TV news report includes video footage of the manoeuvring UFO.

Erick Quesada,
Planetario U.C.R.
UFO TV News Magazine Report:
“URITORCO punto de contacto en Argentina”
(“URITORCO point of contact in Argentina”)
(Unknown Date) (Tercer Milenio, Mexico)

Tercer Milenio reports on the many UFO sightings that have occurred near the Uritorco Mountain in Argentina throughout the years:

Wikipedia article: “Uritorco”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Cerro Uritorco is a mountain (cerro) and highest peak of the Sierras Chicas chain in the northwest of the province of Córdoba, Argentina. It is located next to the Calabalumba River, three km from the center of the city of Capilla del Monte, and its summit is at 1,949 m above mean sea level.”

Tercer Milenio Reporter Yohanan Diaz interviews
Argentine UFO Researcher Jorge Suarez

Friday, 16 July 2010

UFO TV News Magazine Report:
"El eclipse de 1991 en Mexico y los OVNIs”
(”The 1991 Solar Eclipse in Mexico and the UFOs”)

(Unknown Date) (Tercer Milenio, Mexico)

TV report on the investigation into the UFO sightings that occurred over Mexico during and after the 11 July 1991 solar eclipse:

UFO TV News Report:
“Graban Objetos Extranos

Sobrevolando los Cielos de Lima”
(“Strange Flying Objects Filmed over Lima”),

February 2008 (ATV, Lima, Peru)

ATV presents several UFO footage that have been filmed over Lima, Peru:

Andina de Radiodifusion y Television (ATV) is a private TV station.

UFO TV News Report:
UFO Sighted over an Argentine Lake in 1986
(Unknown Date) (Canal 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Canal 9 interviews two of the UFO witnesses:

Thursday, 15 July 2010

UFO TV News Reports:
“Extrano Fenomeno en Atucha son OVNIs?”
(“Strange Phenomenon – UFOs in Atucha?”),
28, 29 & 30 June 2010 (Canal 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Several UFOs have been filmed over the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant in Lima, Argentina, according to Canal 9. It’s unknown when the UFO videos were recorded.

This is a compilation of three TV news reports: (1) (2)

The Atucha nuclear power plant site includes two units, Atucha I and Atucha II.

Wikipedia article: “Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant”:

Wikipedia article: “Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant”:

Aerial view of the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant,
Lima, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina ( photo)
UFO News Article:
“Nuclear: Shippingport plant was first of its kind”,

10 September 2004
(Beaver Country Times, Beaver, Pennsylvania)

This is not a UFO article per se. The article only mentions in passing that a UFO was sighted over the Shippingport Atomic Power Station in Shippingport, Pennsylvania in 1957:,2856413

UFO news article:
Circled Shippingport Atomic Plant

8 November 1957
(Beaver County Times, Beaver, Pennsylvania)


Wikipedia article: “Shippingport Atomic Power Station”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Shippingport Atomic Power Station, ‘the world’s first full-scale atomic electric power plant devoted exclusively to peacetime uses, ...’ ”

Shippingport (Pennsylvania) Atomic Power Station, 1950s
( photo)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

UFO News Article:
“Flying Saucers Spotted Over Atom Test Site”,

18 April 1952 (Rome News-Tribune, Georgia)

On 17 April 1952, five men at the Nellis U.S. Air Force Base near Las Vegas sighted 18 disk shaped UFOs over a Nevada test site, where important new nuclear tests are being made, the Rome News-Tribune reports:,1472222

The Nevada Nuclear Test Site is located 145 kilometres (90 miles) north of Las Vegas.

Wikipedia article: “Nellis Air Force Base”:

Wikipedia article: “Yucca Flat”:

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada (
( photo)

Yucca Flat [Nevada] has hundreds of subsidence craters from underground nuclear weapons tests. Asian Lake is visible on the right. (text by Wikipedia) ( ( photo)
UFO TV Series:
“Encontros Imediatos - Ep. 9: Dossier Acores”
(“Close Encounters - Episode 9: The Azores File”),
8 June 2008 (RTP2)

On 31 January 1968, at 11:00 p.m., Serafim Sebastiao, a night watchman at the Cinco Picos installation, Lajes Air Base (Portuguese: Base Aerea das Lajes), Terceira Island, the Azores, Portugal, was listening to a football (soccer) match radio broadcast. Suddenly the broadcast was cut off and he noticed that the area outside the building was flooded with a very bright light. When he went outside he sighted an unknown object which hovered over a building at the base. After a short while, Sebastiao sighted four unknown beings on board the UFO, according to the video source: (1) (2) (3)

U.S. Air Force article regarding Lajes Field, the Azores:
“The history of Air Base No. 4”:

Wikipedia article: “Lajes Field”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“Lajes Field or Lajes Air Base (Portuguese: Base Aérea das Lajes), officially designated Air Base No. 4 (Base Aerea Nº 4, BA4) (IATA: TER, ICAO: LPLA), is a Portuguese Air Force facility home to the Azores Air Zone Command (Comando da Zona Aerea dos Acores) Base Aerea nº 4 and to a United States Air Force detachment, and located near Lajes on Terceira Island in the Azores, Portugal.”

Radio e Televisao de Portugal (RTP) is Portugal's state broadcaster.