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U.S. Government UFO Document:
DATE OF INFO: 5 Nov 50/
LOCATION: Oak Ridge, Tenn”

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)

Source:, Lindon, Utah

Quote from the document (Page 2):
“1. SYNOPSIS: On 5 November 1950 at 1155 hours Mr. (blacked out text), Oak Ridge, Tennessee, sighted an unidentified flying object over the northwest corner of Oak Ridge area.


a. The object was light gray in color with a core that was a much darker gray. The object appeared to be transluscent. The mass of the object was constant and had sharply outlined edges and the core also had definitive lines. Speed clould not be estimated but was described as ‘rapid and darting.’ The object maneuvered within an area of a circle as illustrated on the inclosure. (blacked out text) further described the core as assuming the shape of the whole object, that is, when the object elongated the core would be elongate also. No sound could be heard nor could the means of propulsion be determined. Definite suggestion of form. Movements rapid, darting in all directions within small area.

b. Time Sighted – For five (5) to ten (10) minutes on 5 November 1950 at 1155 hours.”

The case is listed as “UNIDENTIFIED.”

Drawing of the UFO incident:

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Satellite photo of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (
( photo)

UFO Report:
“The Nuclear Connection Project presents
The Oak Ridge Sightings including
all the Tennessee Blue Book Unknowns”


Quote from the UFO report (the introduction):
Updated: September 22, 2005:
The evidence for a UFO/Nuclear Connection grows stronger by the day. Official FBI, CIA, Army and Air Force documents establish, beyond a doubt, that UFOs have been seen and reported where uranium was mined and plutonium was manufactured (the Congo, New Mexico, the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the Hanford Plant at Washington, the Savannah River facility at South Carolina). Official reports are on file of UFOs seen where bomb development took place (Los Alamos, Sandia Base) and where nuclear weapons were stored (New Mexico: Los Alamos,Manzano Mountain near Kirtland, NM, and Texas: Killeen Base ant Camp Hood).

This is the third part of that story, the Oak Ridge and Tennesse Sightings, which we produced to include all the known cases and provided links to the full report directories and official supporting documents. The matrix for this chronology is based on a paper NCP-14: Saucers Over Oak Ridge by one of our NCP staff members, Bruce Maccabee. Where enough information is not available to produce a case directory, the supporting documents are provided as temporary directories.

I wish to thank Dan Wilson, one of our staff researchers, for his fine research into the Blue Book Archives for the supporting documents in most of these cases. And to Brad Sparks for his re-evaluation of the Project Blue Book Unknowns which doubled the  number of cases that were unexplained, many of which occurred in New Mexico and other high-security areas such as Oak Ridge (TN) and Killeen Base (TX) and were used as a checklist. Jan Aldrich provided documentation on some cases; Richard Hall provided the chronologies and basic case lists (UFOE, UFOE II); and Jean  Waskiewicz and I created a set of useable databases within the NICAP Global Sighting Information Database) for the total caseload.

Francis Ridge
Coordinator, Nuclear Connection Project

“Y-12” Area at Oak Ridge, Tennessee
( photo)

Google Website Searches:
Focus On Oak Ridge, Tennessee, UFO Incidents

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (nuclear science research, development and production centre), has experienced many UFO incidents through the years.

Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (

(Search term: Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Government)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Military)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Intelligence)

(Oak Ridge/C.I.A.)

(Oak Ridge/F.B.I.)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Army)

(Oak Ridge/(U.S.) Air Force)

(Oak Ridge/Project Blue Book)

(Oak Ridge/Radar)

(Oak Ridge)

Wikipedia article: “Oak Ridge National Laboratory”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:

The town of Oak Ridge was established by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Clinton Engineer Works in 1942 on isolated farm land as part of the Manhattan Project.[11] During the war, advanced research for the government was managed at the site by the University of Chicago. In 1943, construction of the ‘Clinton Laboratories’ was completed, later renamed to ‘Oak Ridge National Laboratory.’ The site was chosen for the X-10 Graphite Reactor, used to show that plutonium can be extracted from enriched uranium. Enrico Fermi and his colleagues developed the world’s second self-sustaining nuclear reactor after Fermi’s previous experiment Chicago Pile-1, the X-10 was the first designed for continuous operation.[12] After the end of World War II the demand for weapons-grade plutonium fell and the reactor and the laboratory’s 1000 employees were no longer involved in nuclear weapons,[11][13] instead it was used for scientific research.[12] In 1946 the first medical isotopes were produced in the X-10 reactor, by 1950 almost 20,000 samples had been shipped to various hospitals.”

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee, campus
( ( photo)

Satellite photo of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (
( photo)

UFO Report:
“Comprovações Eletromagnéticas
[Detecção por Instrumentos]”
(“Electromagnetic Evidence
[Instrument Detection]”)

By Jackson Luiz Camargo
(Portal Fenomenum, Brazil)

Quote from the report (translated by Google Translate):
Section Menu
In recordings by instruments we can cite the documentary evidence obtained by radars and other sensors of capture. Generally this type of proof is obtained in the military or traffic control field. A record of this type becomes even more valid when accompanied by the capture from several instruments which eliminates the hypothesis of problems in the equipment or sensor.

The following table presents a compilation of known cases (193) of UFO capture by radars. These cases are all related in the chronology of ufological cases where the sources for the elaboration of this table are listed.

Occurrence: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA             

Date: January 21, 1951 - 6:20 pm             

Description: A UFO is picked up by radar and chased by an F-82 fighter from the American Air Force.”

English translation:

NOTE: The Portal Fenomenum material can be copied and used if the source is mentioned.

Satellite photo of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (
( photo)