Friday, 18 November 2016

UFO Report:
“Comprovações Eletromagnéticas
[Detecção por Instrumentos]”
(“Electromagnetic Evidence
[Instrument Detection]”)

By Jackson Luiz Camargo
(Portal Fenomenum, Brazil)

Quote from the report (translated by Google Translate):
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In recordings by instruments we can cite the documentary evidence obtained by radars and other sensors of capture. Generally this type of proof is obtained in the military or traffic control field. A record of this type becomes even more valid when accompanied by the capture from several instruments which eliminates the hypothesis of problems in the equipment or sensor.

The following table presents a compilation of known cases (193) of UFO capture by radars. These cases are all related in the chronology of ufological cases where the sources for the elaboration of this table are listed.

Occurrence: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA             

Date: January 21, 1951 - 6:20 pm             

Description: A UFO is picked up by radar and chased by an F-82 fighter from the American Air Force.”

English translation:

NOTE: The Portal Fenomenum material can be copied and used if the source is mentioned.

Satellite photo of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (
( photo)