Wednesday, 3 April 2013

UFO Article (Blog):
“UFOs & The Enigma of the United States Navy”
by Dr. Michael D. Swords, 24 April 2010
(The Big Study)

There are many hints that the U.S. Navy had interest in the UFO phenomenon, Michael D. Swords writes:

Wikipedia article: “United States Navy”:

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U.S. Government UFO Documents (FOIA):
“Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) Related Documents:
Department of the Army UFO Page”
(Office of the Secretary of Defense and Joint Staff,
FOIA Requester Service Center,
United States Department of Defense, Washington, D.C.)

The web page contains the following report: “ALLEGED ‘FLYING SAUCER’ TYPE AIRCRAFT” (Page 148):

Wikipedia article: “United States Army”:

The Seal of the United States Department of the Army
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UFO News Article:
“American Troops in Europe Ordered To Watch for
Flying Saucers [UFOs] | UFO CHRONICLE 4-26-1948”,
2 April 2013 (The UFO Chronicles)

“In a directive to soldiers, the army said that ‘unconventional aircraft,’ including ‘flying discs,’ should be reported promptly to headquarters.

No indication was given as to what caused the order,” the Times Herald article (titled “ ‘Flying Saucers’ Sought In Europe”) reads:

U.S. government article: “History timeline: Major events in USAREUR and European history” (

U.S. government article: “History of EUCOM” (

Wikipedia article: “United States European Command”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article, ‘United States European Command’:
“Prior to 1952, the title “European Command (EUCOM)” referred to a single-service, United States Army command.”

The logo of the U.S Army Europe
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