Wednesday, 24 July 2019

UFO Podcast Show:
“The Astonishing UFO Over Iran.
Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure.”

Streamed live: 7 May 2019
(The Richard Dolan Show, Rochester, New York)

Source: Richard Dolan (YouTube channel)

Richard M. Dolan and his wife, Tracey, report on the
18/19 September 1976 Tehran, Iran, UFO case.

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General Parviz Jafari, Iranian Air Force (Ret.)
(2007 International Press Conference image)

Satellite photo of Tehran, Iran (
( photo)

UFO Article:
“Are UFOs a Threat?”

By Jan L. Aldrich, 15 July 2019
(The UFO Chronicles)

Quote from the article:
“Various parties are now implying that there may be a threat from UFOs.”

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( image)