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UFO (USO) Article (Transcription):
“Report of an Unusual Phenomenon at Sea”

(, UK) presents Commander J. Eliot Pringle’s USO report.

J. Eliot Pringle was captain of the ship, HMS Vulture (Royal Navy).

The USO incident occurred in the Persian Gulf (near Bahrain) on 
15 May 1879, at 9:40 p.m.

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Map of the Persian Gulf Region (
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Book Excerpt:
Commander J. Eliot Pringle’s USO Case Report


Text from the book, The Complete Books of Charles Fort:

Report to the Admiralty by Capt. Evans, the Hydrographer of the British Navy:
That Commander J. E. Pringle, of H. M. S. Vulture, had reported that, at Lat. 26° 26' N., and Long. 53° 11’ E.--in the Persian Gulf--May 15, 1879, he had noticed luminous waves or pulsations in the water, moving at great speed (emphasis by This time we have a definite datum upon origin somewhere below the surface. It is said that these waves of light passed under the Vulture. ‘On looking toward the east, the appearance was that of a revolving wheel with a center on that bearing, and whose spokes were illuminated (emphasis by, and, looking toward the west, a similar wheel appeared to be revolving, but in the opposite direction.’ Or finally as to submergence—‘These waves of light extended from the surface well under the water.’ It is Commander Pringle’s opinion that the shafts constituted one wheel, and that doubling was an illusion. He judges the shafts to have been about 25 feet broad, and the spaces about 100. Velocity about 84 miles an hour. Duration about 35 minutes.”

Text by
“This reference: The Complete Books of Charles Fort, p. 277, 
© 1974, from ‘The Book of the Damned,’ by Charles Fort, © 1919.
Original reference: Pringle, J. Eliot, ‘Report of an Unusual Phenomenon Observed at Sea,’ Nature, 20:291, 1879.

The USO incident occurred near Bahrain.

Map of the Persian Gulf Region (
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