Friday, 15 October 2010

UFO Radio Interview:
Robert L. Hastings, 15 October 2010
(The Kate Valentine UFO Show
, Teaneck, New Jersey)

Kate Valentine interviews UFO-Nukes Connection Press Conference organiser Robert L. Hastings:

Robert L. Hastings,
U.S. UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
UFO News Article:
“SEMO professor called upon as

UFO expert for CNN on Monday”, 26 July 1987
(Southeast Missourian, Cape Girardeau, Missouri)

This is an article on the UFO research work of Southeast Missouri State University physics professor Dr. Harley Rutledge:,2644173

The article continues on page 3 (5A).

I also reported on Dr. Rutledge’s research into the UFO phenomenon on 15 January 2010:


The late Dr. Harley D. Rutledge, U.S. Physicist & UFO Researcher
( photo)
UFO FOIA Request:
“FOIA Request re UFO-Intrusion Readiness

Plans at Malmstrom AFB, Montana”, 30 September 2010
(Larry W. Bryant's UFOview, Alexandria, Virginia)

U.S. UFO researcher Larry W. Bryant seeks, among other documents, a photocopy of the totality of records pertaining to all UFO incidents that have occurred at/near Malmstrom Air Force Base since September 1967, up to the present time:

The Freedom of Information Act request is sent to the Commander of Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Larry W. Bryant is a former writer and editor for U.S. Army publications.

Larry W. Bryant, U.S. Journalist & UFO Researcher
( photo)
UFO Article:
“Japanese Air Force Also Has Encounters with UFOs:

A New Book by a Retired Lieutenant General”,
20 September 2010 (

Lieutenant General Mamoru Sato (born 1939), Japan Air Self-Defense Force (Ret.) has written a UFO book, reports:

“A True Record: UFOs the Self-Defense Force Pilots Encountered Closely” is published by Kodan-sha (July 2010).

Wikipedia article: “Japan Air Self-Defense Force”:

The Mitsubishi F-2 support fighter is the primary fighter aircraft of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force ( photo)
UFO News Article:
“British Report Flying Saucer”, 20 September 1952
(The Ludington Daily News, Michigan)

This is an article on the UFO sighting that occurred during the NATO naval exercise, Operation Mainbrace in 1952:,856446

Crewmen of an RAF bomber sighted a manoeuvring UFO on
19 September 1952.

The NATO naval exercise took place in the North Atlantic Ocean from 14 to 25 September 1952.

Wikipedia article: “Exercise Mainbrace”:

Yorkshire Evening Press article, 20 September 1952
( image)