Saturday, 28 May 2011

UFO News Article:
“UFO Sightings Near Joplin to Be Investigated”,
17 January 1967 (St. Joseph News-Press, Missouri)

Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Robert Low, Project Administrator of the University of Colorado’s UFO Project, visited Joplin, Missouri in January 1967 to investigate at least two 13 January 1967 UFO sightings, St. Joseph News-Press reports:,3104288

The UFO sightings occurred near Joplin and two South-East Kansas towns, Parsons and Pittsburg.

Aerial view of Joplin, Missouri
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“UFO Is Sighted In Chapel Hill”, 12 January 1967
(The Times-News, Hendersonville, North Carolina)

Several University of North Carolina students sighted a UFO over Chapel Hill, North Carolina on the night of 10 January 1967, according to The Times-News:,847418

Aerial view of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“UFO Sighted At Shamokin”, 20 January 1967
(The Washington Reporter, Pennsylvania)

At least four people experienced UFO sightings over Shamokin, Pennsylvania on the night of 18 January 1967, according to the article:,1835504

Shamokin, Pennsylvania” (

Aerial view of Shamokin, Pennsylvania
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“UFO Sighted at Moscow”, 21 January 1967
(Spokane Daily Chronicle, Washington)

KRPL radio announcer David H. Schmirler and several University of Idaho students sighted a UFO over Moscow, Idaho on 20 January 1967, at around 6:30 a.m., Spokane Daily Chronicle reports:,1710746

Aerial view of Moscow, Idaho
( photo)