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UFO News Article:
“But Deputies, Residents Did–
Radar Doesn’t Spot Unidentified Lights in Area”

10 January 1974
(Two Harbors Chronicle & Times, Minnesota)

Sources: UFO Research Committee - UFO Newsclipping Service, Seattle, Washington and

The whole article (Page 13):
“They’ve returned, only this time bigger and better than ever.

Last October two law enforcement officers saw some strange, unidentified lights hovering over Pork City Hill in Two Harbors. The lights, it was noted at the time, could possibly have been some reflection from the nearby railroad yards.

Last Friday (4 January 1974) night, however, an unidentified object was seen in the area, by two different groups of persons in two different areas. The object did not show up on radar.

About 8 p.m. Friday night two deputies of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department were traveling in the Waldo area several miles north of Two Harbors when they saw the object.

Deputies Andy Haugan and Fred Defresne were driving on a county road near Dr. David Armin’s home in Waldo when they spotted four ‘unbelievably bright’ lights in the sky.

They stopped the car and watched them for about 30 seconds. The lights were described as the color and hue of a burning log, or somewhat of a rust color. The center of each was so bright as nearly being white. Reflections from clouds was ruled out, and visibility on the cold, cloudless night was said ot be excellent.

‘Although we saw only the lights, it appeared they were all on the same object,’ Haugan said. ‘Because as it moved, they remained the same distance from one another, and in perfect formation.’

‘We turned off the car engine,’ he said. ‘But heard no noise. The four lights were traveling west, then they banked to the southwest. At one time it appeared to be about 800 feet over Silver Creek Cliff.’

Upon seeing the object, the deputies radioed to the Highway Patrol, who in turn contacted the Duluth Air Base which scanned the entire area with radar.

Haugan, who flys [sicsmall aircraft, said even a small plane can be easily detected in the area once it is over the trees.

The deputies saw two lights on the object’s lower left side blink and then go out, and shortly after the two remaining lights also were extinguished.

‘If the lights were all one object, then it was huge,’ Haugan said. ‘It would have made a 747 jet look like a canary.’

‘Fred and I are glad that we both saw it,’ Haugan said. ‘If I had seen it alone, I would have been afraid to mention it to anyone.’

But Defresne and Haugan weren’t the only one to see the lights. The deputies also learned that three other area residents saw an identical sight while they were snowmobiling on Legler Lake, which is located near State Road 2, just north of the Marble-Kane Lake area.

Dwight Moe, Philip Hobeck and his 12-year-old son, saw the four lights, also the color of a burning log, at about 7:20 p.m. This is about 40 minutes before the deputies spotted them. Again, these three heard no noise. They said the lights were traveling in a straight path, but appeared to be climbing in the sky.

The deputies said they also radioed to the Silver Bay area of Lake County but no other sightings were reported. Anyone having more information concerning the lights is asked to contact the Chronicle or Haugan.

‘Dwight Moe told me he was a disbeliever,’ Haugan said. ‘As for myself, I guess you’d say I’m not a disbeliever (of UFO’s). Anyway, all we know at this time for sure is that it remains unidentified.’

‘I’ve been getting a lot of ribbing since we saw it,’ Haugan said. ‘At one service station the attendant kept looking nervously at the sky.’ ”

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