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UFO News Article:
“Seminar looks at mutilations”

26 May 1994
(The Taos News, New Mexico)

Quote from the article:
“A spate of unusual animal deaths an Taos and Colfax County has a number of ranchers and townsfolk worried — and watching the skies.

Described as classic examples of ‘cattle mutilations,’ the animal deaths reportedly have been occurring near Questa, Eagle Nest and Taos within the past few months.

[Gail] Staehlin said 17 mutilation cases were reported in the region last year and five so far this spring. She added that usually only one in six cases is reported to authorities.

According to speakers, reports of animals being killed in similar manner reached a peak during the mid-1970s, with most occurring in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

‘We live in the place where it started, the epicentre,’ [Christopher] O’Brien said. ‘This is the home of this thing.’

Information provided at the seminar also concluded the incidents may be tied to space aliens, unidentified flying objects, …

A number of cases have been reported in the Taos area. The first specific mention of local incidents in which the term ‘cattle mutilations’ appeared was in a June 24, 1976, The Taos News article by Paul C. Merz

Merz reported that a mutilated cow was found May 13, 1976, near Pot Mountain, across the John Dunn Bridge west of Arroyo Hondo. Several at the time appeared to have occurred near the 13th day of each month, he wrote.

Gabe Valdez, a state police officer from Dulce, was quoted as saying of a June 13 incident that he saw ‘some type of aircraft,’ which landed near the carcass af a mutilated cow and ‘scorched grass’ on the mesa about 550 feet from it.


A The Taos News article by Phil Bateman from Dec. 21, 1978, speculated a UFO sighting in Ranchitos [Ranchito] that July was tied to another round of mysterious animal deaths.”

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UFO news article:
“Residents report odd lights”

17 November 1994
(The Taos News, New Mexico)

The whole article:
“If you happened to be outside at night last September and saw a strange glowing object moving across the sky, you were not alone.

People from New Mexico to Alaska have reported seeing a large number of unidentified flying objects, enough to be called a major ‘flap’ by officials of the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington.

Incidents were reported above Amor Lane near Taos High School and at other areas in Taos in September, according to a story in the Monday (Nov. 14) issue of The Santa Fe New Mexican.

Maida Martinez, her husband Toby, and Eric Tafoya of Taos all reported seeing an object described as a ‘bright, white light, accompanied by about a dozen smaller lights’ flying low over populated areas of Taos.

Air Force bases in New Mexico and the Federal Aviation Administration in Albuquerque declined to comment on the sightings.

Northern New Mexico and southern Colorado have bee the center of dozens of UFO sightings since the late 1960s, some apparently linked to reports of cattle mutilations.”

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Satellite photo of Taos, New Mexico (
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