Monday, 12 October 2009

UFO TV Report by Kenny Young:
“MIDDLETOWN 1996  – The July Wave”

This UFO TV report deals with the UFO sightings that occurred over Ohio and Indiana in July 1996:

The late Kenneth Harold Young was a graphic designer, producer for the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky, MUFON State Section Director and UFO researcher. He produced several ‘UFO Update: LIVE!’ and ‘UFO REPORT’ TV reports that were broadcasted on Midwest (Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana) cable TV channels between 1991 and 2004.

The two UFO TV report programmes also present original Police Department and 911 Center audio recordings of conversations with UFO witnesses, while the respective UFO incident was ongoing. And the TV reports present many remarkable UFO videos.

Aerial view of Middletown, Ohio
(Wikipedia photo)

The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project article: “Kenny Young”:
UFO Radio Interview:
Kenny Young:

“The 1994 Trumbull County (Ohio) UFO Sightings”
(Coast to Coast AM):

Several Trumbull County, Ohio residents began reporting UFOs on 14 December 1994. And many of the Trumbull County police officers who investigated the case also saw (and chased) the UFOs.

In this interview, Kenny Young presents 911 Center and Police Department audio recordings of conversations with civilians and police officers who saw the UFOs. The Police Department audio recordings are particularly interesting, since the recordings were made while the police officers observed the unknown objects. One police officer said he saw 6 UFOs at one time.

And this is a must-hear interview if you're interested in how the mainstream media (MSM) companies treat the UFO issue.

The show is hosted by Art Bell:

Mosquito Creek Reservoir at Cortland,
Trumbull County, Ohio ( photo)