Monday, 9 April 2018

UFO Newsletter Article:
“From the 1946 ghost rocket files (1):
Cigar sighted from B-18 bomber”

AFU Newsletter, Issue 44, September 2002
(Archives for UFO Research Foundation, Norrköping, Sweden)


Lieutenant I., a Royal Swedish Air Force SAAB B-18 pilot, sighted a cylindrical shaped, unknown object while flying the route from Malingsbo to Krylbo, Sweden (sighted after about two minutes), on 14 August 1946, at 10:02-10:04 a.m.

The unknown object, which kept a constant cruising altitude of 250 meters, vanished in a south-easterly direction, according to the article.

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UFO TV Report:
“ITN Reports: UFOs Seen at Warminster”

1 September 1965
(ITN, London, UK)

Source: Getty Images, Inc., Seattle, Washington

ITN presents interviews with Sir Francis Chichester (talks about the UFO he saw during a flight from New Zealand to Australia in 1931), Charles Bowen, editor of the Flying Saucer Review, and Gordon Creighton (not Crichton), former UK Foreign Office official and UFO researcher.

Sir Francis Chichester
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