Thursday, 11 June 2009

UFO TV News Report:
UFO Video Made by Colombian
Governmental Astronomer Sent to NASA

Astronomer Alberto Quijano, director of the Astronomical Observatory at the University of Narino, recounts in the TV news report that it was a member of his team that managed to photograph a UFO. The astronomers produced an hour-long video from the 400 sequential photographs, Quijano says.

The university is a public, coeducational research university situated in Pasto, Colombia; and it’s tied to the Ministry of National Education, even though the university is an independent institution of higher education (source: Wikipedia).

In the TV news report, the astronomer, referring to the unknown object, says he has never before seen a Space object manoeuvre in such a way. Furthermore, he says that the unknown object doesn’t move like any asteroid, comet, satellite or any other cosmic body we know of.

Alberto Quijano also reveals that the university will forward the UFO video to NASA’s experts (!!) in an effort to discern its origin. And at the end of the TV news report one can see that Quijano is tied to NASA, since he wears a NASA pin on his lapel.

Noticias Caracol (Colombia) TV news report:

The above video was added to YouTube on 26 June 2007, but I haven’t seen a follow-up TV report or news article regarding this case.

This case could turn out to be even more interesting if some UFO organisation or researcher contacted both Alberto Quijano and NASA to learn what their findings were. NASA can’t say it knows nothing about this bona fide Colombian Government UFO video!

And apropos of astronomer; what’s the one single argument every UFO debunker uses every time (in every debate) (it never fails)? The debunker says, “Not a single astronomer has ever seen a UFO!”

So any UFO researcher debating a debunker (no, don't call them sceptics, because a sceptic looks at the evidence) should present the above video during a debate (every time).

And then there are those other astronomers.

The date and time of the sighting (photographs) is unknown, but it’s likely that the sighting occurred a few days before 26 June 2007 (the Caracol Radio news report regarding this case was broadcasted on 27 June).

Inexplicata (blog) article:
"Colombia: Images of Pasto UFO to be sent to NASA":

(Noticias Caracol/ image)