Saturday, 8 December 2012

Brazil Government UFO Documents: 
Brazil UFO Documents”
(The Black Vault)

These UFO documents were released thanks to the efforts of A. J. Gevaerd (Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine) and the Brazilian UFO Researchers Committee, John Greenewald informs:

Map of Brazil
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UFO News Article: 
“UFO Sighting Still Mystery”, 18 August 1972
(The Bonham Daily Favorite, Texas)

The Bonham Daily Favorite reports on the UFO incidents that occurred over West Central Kansas during a seven month period in 1972:

Quote from the article:
“Most of the recent sightings were reported in the Hays area. They were similar to descriptions seen for months over Dighton, which have red lights, white lights and sometimes green lights.”

“Hays, Kansas” (

Satellite photo of Hays, Kansas (
( photo)
UFO News Article: 
“Strange lights baffle viewers”, 11 October 1989
(The Lawrence Daily Journal-World, Kansas)

5 coloured lights were seen over Commerce and Miami (North-Eastern Oklahoma) on the night of 10 October 1989, according to the article:

Quote from the article:
“Commerce Police Chief Bob Baine, who looked at the lights through binoculars and a high-powered telescope, said ‘they were nothing that looked like an aircraft.’

‘We don’t know what they are. We had received a call about 8:30 p.m. of a UFO around the Brunswick plant and we thought it was a joke,’ Baine said. ‘But when officers arrived on the scene they saw what looked like lights that seemed to move in different directions.’ 

Commerce is situated 6 kilometres (4 miles) north of Miami.

“Commerce, Oklahoma” (

Miami, Oklahoma” (

Satellite photo of Commerce, Oklahoma (
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