Tuesday, 26 May 2009

UFO TV News Reports: 
Two Reports Regarding the Released 
Brazil Government UFO Files

The first TV News report’s headlines read, “Ufologists are studying traces in sugarcane crop” and “Ufologists succeed in opening secret (Brazilian Government) UFO files”. The report also shows an interview with Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira, former Commander of COMDABRA (Brazilian Aerospace Defence Command) and a meeting between Brazil’s leading ufologists and officials at the headquarters of COMDABRA:


The second TV news report shows the meeting between the ufologists and officials at the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) (and the meeting at COMDABRA). Furthermore, it presents the “Official night of the UFOs” case (19 May 1986), UFO photographs which were made by the FAB during the remarkable Colares UFO sightings case in 1977, a conversation between two FAB pilots (who chased the Colares UFOs) and a radar operator and an interview with Brigadier Atheneu Azambuja, Commander of COMDABRA:


The second instalment of the Brazilian Government’s UFO files was released on 4 May 2009. 

The Coat of Arms of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)
(wikimedia.org image)