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UFO Case Directory (ANRECAT):
“Former Pilot’s Dog Reacts
April 4, 1949
Merced, California”


The whole UFO case report:
Joan Woodward:
April 4, 1949; Merced, California (BBU)
10:20 p.m. Major William Parrott, former Air Force pilot, saw a generally round object with curved bottom and dull coloring, giving off clicking sound until overhead. Parrott’s dog reacted. (Berliner) 35 secs”

Wikipedia article: Merced, California”:,_California

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UFO Case Report (E-mail):
“Subject: Emden MO, July 13, 1973”

By Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist, 11 April 2006

The whole UFO case report:
Animal Reaction Feature:
A dog that was normally outdoors at night and that normally barked at and chased any animal that came near the house, began barking at 3:30 AM. This barking was unusual, described as a ‘scared’ bark, causing the witness to get up and see what was happening.

The dog was barking at a glowing object and would not leave the porch. Normally in that situation, the dog would take off after whatever had attracted its attention. The witness stated that this night the dog was clearly afraid and continued barking from the porch and would not leave the porch.

The witness also noted he heard cattle bellowing on a hill, and when the light moved off, he heard neighbor’s dogs start barking. [No information was given on the location of the cattle or of the neighbor’s house relative to witness and the unknown light.—jw]

The Sighting:
The object was described as egg shaped or oblong, about the size of an average car.  It had a 3-dimensional appearance, ‘like you could look through it, or right into it.’  The outside was orange and toward the center it was brighter and a slightly different color.  The colors were described as similar to setting sun but not dark enough to be considered red. The night was very quiet with no wind.

The witness made an effort to hear any sound from the object but heard nothing.  He noted that even when the object started moving, he still could hear nothing. 

The object, judging by a tree in front of it, was estimated to be 20 feet or less from the ground and was in the area of a clearing. It remained still and in view for about 10 minutes. Then  the witness’s wife, watching from indoors while he watched from the porch, turned on house lights. At that point, the object flickered slightly and started moving away slowly and steadily, maintaining its low altitude. It speed was estimated as 5 mph and it was moving in a northwest direction. The object was lost to sight after after 20 seconds as it became obscured by trees. The witness heard the neighbor’s dogs start barking about 3 minutes later. [The only direction indicated was that the glowing object disappeared moving to the NW. Using YourSky ( to see if any bright objects were near the horizon at the time of the sighting, I found Mars was roughly 35° in the SE sky, unlikely a factor.  However, the 97% illuminated moon was due to set  4:05 AM (verified with USNO) and would have been very near the horizon SW horizon. I cannot say the setting moon was or was not involved in this sighting without directions and knowledge of the topography. The witness reports the dog was reacting in the direction of the glowing object, suggesting something was happening other than the moon setting. However, it is always possible that the dog was reacting to something other than what the witness was watching.—jw]


<>SKYLOOK, No. 69, August 1973, page 13
SKYLOOK, No. 70, September 1973, pages 14-15”

My comment:
The October 1975 Espevær (island), Norway, UFO landing incident involved dogs that barked hysterically. Several dog owners said their dogs had never earlier reacted like they did that evening.

Wikipedia article: Emden, Missouri”:,_Missouri

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UFO Case Directory (IMCAT):
“Skylab III Photo Incident
September 20, 1973
In Orbit, Over SW Indian Ocean”


The whole UFO case report:
Fran Ridge:
Sept. 20, 1973; In orbit over Indian Ocean
During revolution # 1863. Astronauts Alan Bean, Owen Garriott and Jack Lousma spotted what they described as a red ‘satellite’, which they photographed (4 color photos) and mentioned during a subsequent debriefing. We have radio conversation (transcript only) with Houston CapCom about 4.5 hours after the sighting of this object. There was no man-made satellite that could explain this sighting and hence the object was truly anomalous. This case is multiply-listed as a Cat 8 (photo), Cat 11 (sighting from air/spacecraft), and flagged as a NASA incident. 10 mins. Distance from Skylab was 25-30 miles. Estimated diameter was 800 feet.

Joel Carpenter:
One of the things that’s so darn fascinating about this case is something that Dr Maccabee and Brad Sparks bring up in the article on Maccabee’s site. One interpretation of the sighting is that the object was approaching on an orbit in a 51 or 52 degree inclination and about to intersect with Skylab’s 50 degree (but much higher) orbit. They mention that that inclination was used by the Soviets. But actually, they often used 65 degrees. 51 degrees was used for certain very specific flights: the Salyut space stations and the manned Soyuz ships that docked with them. At the time of the sighting, Salyut-1 and Salyut-2 had been flown, and both had failed. Salyut-2 was launched in April 1973 and was actually the top secret Almaz military station, the counterpart of the US MOL reconnaissance space station. Salyut-2 had recon gear aboard, but failed before it was manned for the first time, about 2 weeks after it was launched.

Brad Sparks:
Skylab-3 remains a mystery with the color photos and optical ranging yielding an approximate 800-foot size of the space UFO, much larger than the largest satellite then in space (the 150-foot Skylab-3). [Sparks interviewed Skylab-3 astronaut Dr. Owen Garriott shortly after the return to earth - Fran Ridge].”

My comment:
“There was no man-made satellite that could explain this sighting and hence the object was truly anomalous,” Francis L. Ridge writes. This means that this is one of the UFO cases that prove that UFOs are as real as airliners flying overhead.

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