Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Washington, D.C. UFO Case, 26 July 2002

U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets pursued a UFO in the restricted flight zone around Washington, D.C. on this date.

This is a proven UFO case by the fact that two U.S. government sources, NORAD and the Air National Guard, confirmed that an unknown object flew in the restricted flight zone, according to Fox News.

"UFO Report" by Kenny Young (including Fox News TV report): article (written by Kenny Young) about the case:

FUFOR article about the case:

The Danish Ministry of Defence Opens Its UFO Files

The Danish MoD opened its previously secret UFO files on
28 January 2009.

It’s very interesting that more and more Militaries around the world are now releasing their UFO files. Let’s hope that more Militaries will follow suit!

Danish Defence article (translated article): 
“UFO archive online”:

Skandinavisk UFO Information (SUFOI) (Denmark):
"Exciting release of Air Force UFO archives":

The logo of the Danish Defence
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