Saturday, 11 April 2009

TV 2 (Norway) UFO Report (1995): The Espevær, Norway, UFO Landing Trace Case,
Early October 1975, Night-time

I posted a report regarding this UFO case on 14 January 2009.

A TV 2 UFO report (“UFO also in Norway?”, 1995) has now surfaced on YouTube.

The Espevaer UFO report starts 7:04 minutes into the video:
(Source: serpentineufo (YouTube channel))

It was early in October 1975 that crews on several ships (all of them logged the UFO sighting in the ship's log) observed a UFO near Espevær (island). The UFO-ring was discovered on 7 October 1975. The UFO landing site is the only flat area on Espevær where an aircraft could have landed.

Alf Opdal (the interviewee) commented: “Those who investigated the UFO landing trace (The Royal Norwegian Air Force) said that the object must have had an enormous weight. They tried to make an imprint with one of the Air Force’s largest helicopters (see the photograph in the newspaper article), but it didn’t leave an imprint at all.”

Bergens Tidende (Bergen) had a front page article regarding this case (8:57 minutes into the video) with the headline, “Espevær’s enigma unsolved”. The sub-headline reads: “The Air Force could not explain the imprint.”

The photograph in the article showed the Air Force investigators who conducted an on-site investigation of the site.

( photo)

A delegation from the Norwegian Armed Forces investigating the Espevær UFO ring on 22 April 1976 (photo from the newspaper, Bergens Tidende)