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UFO Case Report:
“1957 Sighting Wave Chronology –
Close Encounters and Nuclear Connections:
Nov. 15, 1957; Carthage, Tenn.”


The whole UFO case report:
“Highway patrolman, sheriff, others saw many flashing revolving red lights which moved around slowly, hovered. [UFOE, VII]”

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Satellite photo of Carthage, Tennessee (
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UFO News Article:
“ ‘Flying Cigar’ Seen”

16 November 1957
(The Evening Sun, Baltimore, Maryland)


The whole article:
“Farmers in two areas of Indonesian Borneo have seen a ‘flying cigar’ streaking through the sky, reports from Tarakan, East Borneo, said yesterday (15 November 1957). The farmers said they saw smoke coming from door-like holes in the object.”

Wikipedia article: “Tarakan”:

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Satellite photo of Tarakan, Borneo, Indonesia (
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U.S. Government UFO Document:
DATE: 6 November 1957/
LOCATION: Boerne, Texas”

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)


Quote from the document:
“Oval shaped object, approx 15 ft long. Egg or football shape. Brilliant orange similar to color of glowing coal in stove. No tail, trail or exhaust. No sound. Object appeared to be lighted, but no light was reflected from ground. Light similar to that of searchlight trained on metal surface. Object was hovering approx 12 ft above ground.”

Project Blue Book listed the case as “Unidentified.” also presents the other documents that pertain to the case.

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Satellite photo of Boerne, Texas (
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