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UFO News Article:
“Oelwein Area UFO Reported at 4 A.M.”,
10 October 1967
(The Telegraph-Herald, Dubuque, Iowa and
East Dubuque, Illinois)

At least five persons in North-Eastern Iowa sighted a very brightly illuminated (white) UFO on 10 October 1967, according to the article:

Quote from the article:
“Three persons in Oelwein, one just west of Oelwein, and one in Ossian – about 20 miles north of Oelwein – reported that they saw a glowing object at about 4 a.m.

Three observers said blue rays emitted from the object, and two witnesses said it had tinges of red or pink around its edges.

Two Oelwein policemen, Asst. Chief Jack Stolfus and Patrolman Charles Derringer said they watched the object for about 20 minutes.

All observers reported the object was traveling northeast. The sky at that time was cloudy and no stars were visible.

Officials at the Waverly, Ia., Air Force Base were unable to say if anything was spotted on their radar.”

Oelwein, Iowa” (

Map of Fayette County, Iowa, highlighting Oelwein

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