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USO News Article:
“THE UNEXPLAINED by Allen Spraggett:
Mystery Of The USO’s”

16 December 1973
(The Robesonian, Lumberton, North Carolina)


The whole article:
“UFO, of course, stands for Unidentified Flying Object — but have you heard of the USO?

That’s an Unidentified Submerged [Object].

There are many reports, some well documented, of strange, unclassifiable objects prowling not the sky above but the seas and oceans. Consider some typical cases.

On Aug. 29, 1964 the U.S. oceanographic ship Eltanin was taking pictures with an underwater camera at 13,500 feet below the surface some 1,000 miles west of Cape Horn.

One of the photographs captured what looked like a curious piece of machinery on the ocean floor with projecting rods which could have been antennae. It seems inconceivable that this was a plant since no sun reaches those abysmal ocean depths. The only other natural explanation that seems conceivable is that it was an unknown type of coral.

The notion of a machine, evidently not man-made, at the bottom of the sea may sound bizarre. But what was it that the noted oceanographer, Dr. Dmitric Rebikoff, saw and attempted to photograph in the Gulf Stream on July 5, 1965. It was ‘a [huge] pear-shaped object,’ he said, and definitely no form of [aquatic] life with which he, with all his marine experience, was familiar.

And what about this account, with 40 eyewitnesses to vouch for it, of an unclassifiable something that intercepted the Argentine cargo ship Naviero at midnight on July 30, 1967.

The object, spotted off the coast of Brazil, was ‘the shape of a Cuban cigar and glowed with a strange green, almost white [phosphorescence].’ That’s how Capt. Juliana Ardanza, skipper of the vessel, described the eerily shimmering USO.

‘It was an object which navigated and submerged, as any submarine, but its strange luminosity made it unusual,’ he continued. ‘It was not a mirage or illusion but a real thing.’

More recently, something unidentifiable invaded the waters of Northern Europe.

On Nov. 23, 1972 the story hit the newswires that for two weeks the Norwegian [Navy], aided and abetted by the British, had been playing catch-me-if-you-can with what they thought was an unknown submarine. The intruder was in the Sogne Fjord [Sognefjorden], north of Bergen.

There were reports of a ‘yellowish-green spotlight’ on the fjord and sightings of a dark object on the surface for about seven minutes. One night six red rocket flares were seen in the fjord. Observers said the flares ‘appeared to come straight out of the sea.’ The Norwegian [Navy] dropped anti-submarine bombs with no result.

Strangely enough, at times the Norwegian and British military communications frequencies used for the sub hunt were jammed by some unknown agency.

The extraordinary thing is that the massive Norwegian-British anti-submarine operation, using every available sophisticated technique, was unable even to establish whether there was indeed something down there, though there was no doubt about it.

Norwegian radio carried a report that the country’s Defence Command did not believe the intruder was a foreign submarine and labelled it simply ‘an unidentified submerged object.’

And that’s the way the mystery still stands. The whole flap ended when the thing, whatever it was, vanished from the fjord.

Well, it must have been a submarine, you may say, probably nuclear-powered. Fair enough. But what, then, about this well documented account which goes back to the pre-modern submarine era.

According to the log of the British steamship Fort Salisbury, the second officer, Mr. A. H. Raymer, on Oct. 28, 1902, at 3:05 a.m., in Lat. 5 degrees 31. S. and Long. 4 degrees 42 W., saw, with the lookout, ‘a huge dark object bearing lights in the sea ahead.

‘Two lights were seen. The steamship passed a slowly sinking bulk of an estimated length of five or 600 feet. Mechanism of some kind was making a commotion in the water ….’

We can add to the denizens of the world of the unexplained, the USO.”

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UFO News Article:
“ ‘Close Encounters’ Film Stirs Rash Of Sightings”

13 January 1978
(The Register, Santa Ana, California)


Quote from the article:
“Sgt. Preston McBride, now an instructor in the Detroit police academy, was driving a scout car in Detroit early in the morning one day in October 1973 when he and his partner saw a UFO hovering over Marygrove College.

‘My memory of it is still very vivid,’ he said. ‘It was like two plates against each other with a small hump in the middle about 500 feet above the campus. There were three white lights below it and red lights around it.

‘Just kiddingly, I said it’s probably a flying saucer. When we headed toward it and got closer, it took off in a southwesterly direction.’

At about the same time, railroad workers in Owosso, Mich., saw what they described as an object hovering in the sky that changed from a bright white light to a pulsing band of light.

The worker who talked to reporters then would discuss it now only on the condition that his name not be included in this story.

‘A person gets a lot of ridicule on it,’ he said. ‘We never claimed that we saw a flying saucer, anyway. The reporters wanted me to say that. I never even used the word flying saucer. That was the way the reporters put it.’

He said the object he saw emitted a light so bright that it briefly changed the darkness to daylight.

‘It could have been some kind of plane,’ he said. ‘But if it was, it was something we’ve never seen before.’

He bristled and threatened to end the conversation when asked if what he saw could have been a vehicle from another planet. He talked about the ribbing he has taken since his name appeared in stories in 1973 and pleaded again that his name not be published.

‘I can’t believe personally that there are any people visiting us,’ he said. ‘I have no idea what it was. Our government has secret planes.’

A Manistee County, Mich., sheriff’s deputy who reported seeing UFOs over the Manistee County Airport in 1973 reacted with similar dread when a reporter called him recently. ‘All I know is that there was something there and it moved awful fast, with no noise at all,’ he said. ‘They were cigar-shaped objects. There’s still doubt in my mind that there was something there.

‘I can’t explain it. It might be government planes. All I know is that whatever they were, they sure could move.’

He too refused to talk unless his name was kept out of the paper.

‘It don’t really pay to see ‘em,’ he said. ‘I hope I never see one again. It just gets you involved, and then there’s no end to it.’ ”

Wikipedia article: “Manistee County Blacker Airport”:

Wikipedia article: “Marygrove College”:

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UFO News Article:
“Constable tells of chasing
mysterious UFO for 30 miles”

8 October 1973
(Hattiesburg American, Mississippi)


The whole article:
“Beat Two Constable Charlie Delk says he chased a UFO for 30 miles Sunday night [7 October 1973], lost it when his car mysteriously went dead, and caught up with the glowing object when his car started up again after a 15 minute wait. ‘I’m 45 years old and I’ve never seen anything like it,’ Delk said today. ‘It wasn’t any play toy.’

Delk was sent out to 127 Wilson Drive in Petal to investigate after local authorities had received numerous calls from scared residents af the area.

‘Those people of Wilson Drive were [mightily] disturbed,’ Delk said. ‘I figured they were seeing things. When I got there, I spotted it up over Petal High School. It looked like an old-timey top with yellow lights all the way around it.

‘I followed it up to the Jones-Forrest County line…four lights were flashing and it was making noise…then it went back north. I followed it five miles and it went toward the Tallahalla swamp. I was with it for three miles and got pretty close to it and then my car died.

‘It was just like someone had cut the motor off. In about 15 minutes, my car started up again like nothing was wrong. Jones and Forrest County sheriff’s deputies tried to contact me but everything was dead during that time.’

Delk said he continued to follow the UFO across Highway 29, through Ovett and past some kind of swamp. ‘Then it just did a double flip and disappeared from sight,’ he said.”

My comment:
This is a very interesting article.

1) The UFO apparently caused electromagnetic (EM) interference with the motor of the car and the car radio. Time and again people talk about how they experienced EM effects while they were in close proximity to a UFO.

2) The unknown object manoeuvred over a high school. UFOs are often sighted over schools/universities.

3) The UFO flew close to/over two swamp areas. UFOs have often been seen flying over/hovering over swamps.

Wikipedia article: “Petal, Mississippi”:

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