Tuesday, 5 March 2013

UFO Documentary Film Excerpt:
“Military vs. UFOs” 
(History, New York City)

In this video clip, the UFO Hunters team discusses a 1957 UK 
UFO radar incident:

The unknown object was picked up by two radar systems.

The team concluded that it most likely was a UFO, not a phantom image.

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UFO News Article:
“2 Calf. pilots report close UFO encounter”,
12 February 1981 (Nashua Telegraph, New Hampshire)

The UFO encounter occurred in the skies over San Jose Municipal Airport, California on the night of 9 February 1981, according to the Nashua Telegraph:

Quote from the article:
“The object was about 10 feet in diameter, they said, and emitted a bright, red, pulsating light.

The strange object was also seen by two controllers in the airport tower but could not be detected on the radar.

Gary Rounds, 21, who was piloting the rented Cessna 150, and his passenger Charles Shackleford, 20, also a pilot, said the object appeared to head straight for their plane Monday night as they were practicing landings and takeoffs.

Gutterud (Rich Gutterud) and air controller Randy Blount, both of whom saw the UFO, said the object followed the plane briefly, hovered, ‘then it just took off at an extremely high rate of speed.’ ”

San Jose, California” (City-Data.com):

Satellite photo of San Jose, California (city-data.com)
(city-data.com photo)