Thursday, 19 December 2013

UFO Journal Issue:
“U.F.O. Investigator”

Vol. II, No. 12, September-October 1964
(National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena,
Washington, D.C.) 


The issue contains the articles, “ ‘UFO Evidence’ Response Mounts,” “IMPRESSIVE EVIDENCE IN N.J. LANDING CASE,” “The Big Job Is Still Ahead,” “SCIENTIST SUPPORTS UFO INQUIRY,” “Socorro Analysis,” “UFO SIGHTING WAVE PERSISTS,” “NEW YORK & MONTANA FLURRIES” and “Close-Range Sightings Near Boston”:

Quote from the article, “The Big Job Is Still Ahead”:
“Since the AF cannot disprove our documented proof of UFO reality and censorship, it is again trying to discredit NICAP. The following official reply to questions about the NICAP Report shows how the AF UFO spokesman, Maj. Maston M. Jacks, avoids discussing our documented evidence:

‘The AF feels that to attach undue significance to the UFO phenomena would only encourage private UFO organizations and provide grist for their claims and contentions.’

Major Jacks’ letter (copy at NICAP) also shows how the AF is trying to hide the powerful, unsolved AF cases cited by NICAP:

‘The unidentified reports,’ states the AF spokesman, ‘remain active until they are identified and at that time they are removed from the unknown category.’ ”

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