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UFO Radio Interview:
“UFOs and Government -
A Historical Inquiry - Robert Powell”

Published: 12 August 2017
UFORadio International, Episode #5
(UFORadio International)

Source: OmniTalk Radio (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“In today’s episode we are talking with prominent researcher - Robert Powell. We will discuss important book titled ‘UFOs and Government - A Historical Inquiry.’ Interview covers important elements of UFO history with 7 rare audio clips that serve as companion pieces. Some of the subjects that we covered were:

Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets
Kenneth Arnold’s Sighting
Project Sign and Estimate of the Situation
Projects Grudge and Blue Book
Washington UFO Flap 1952
Michigan UFO Flap 1966
Condon’s Committee
FOIA era of UFO Documents in 1970s
Scientific Coalition of Ufology
November 2004 Radar-Visual USS Princeton / USS Nimitz Incident”

The radio show is hosted by journalist and UFO researcher Giuliano Marinkovic.

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