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UFO News Article:
“FLYING SAUCERS? – ‘We’re Not Alone …’ ”

28 March 1966 
(Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah)

Roscoe Drummond reports on the UFO research efforts of 
the U.S. Air Force and NICAP:

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UFO News Article:
“Attention from UFO ‘unreal’ ”

21 February 1989 
(Gadsden Times, Alabama)

The article  reports on the 10 February 1989 (at 8:42 p.m.) 
DeKalb County (Alabama) (three miles south of Fyffe) UFO incident:

The UFO was sighted by Fyffe Police Chief Junior Garmany and Assistant Police Chief Fred Works.

The article starts on page 1.

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Wikipedia article: “Fyffe, Alabama”:,_Alabama

Fyffe, Alabama” (

Location of Fyffe in DeKalb County, Alabama (text by Wikipedia)
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