Friday, 13 February 2009

Google Earth UFOs: Unconvential Buildings
or Something Else in Romania?!

With this Google Earth image of these “things/buildings”, which seem fairly out of place in rural Romania (near Timisoara), UFO researchers and sceptics have an excellent opportunity to investigate a case, which certainly has real evidence (unless Google Earth has started to perpetrate UFO hoaxes just for the fun of it).

And compare the size of the "things" with the size of the conventional houses on the properties!

By using the Google Earth ruler, one find that the "things" have a diameter of 20 metres! The "things" are rather large.

What about locating the property owners and ask them if they own a round building with small windows? Maybe RUFON ( could help interested UFO researchers?

This story should be of some interest to a newspaper or two! Either it will be just a fun-story about UFO buildings or it will be a somewhat larger story.

The Google Earth "buildings" are found at these coordinates:

45°42'12.73"N 21°18'7.53"E

45°42'2.99"N 21°15'48.86"E
NASA Tracked UFO during the NASA Gemini 5 Mission, 24 August 1965
The NASA Control Center in Houston, Texas contacted the Gemini 5 crew and told them that NASA tracked a UFO on radar, which paced the spacecraft across the entire US. NASA told the crew that the UFO was as large as their spacecraft.

This UFO report can be found 12:34 minutes into the UFO documentary, “UFOs: It Has Begun”:

The NASA Gemini 5 mission:

Launch date: 21 August 1965 –
Landing date: 29 August 1965.


L. Gordon Cooper, Jr., Command Pilot and
Charles Conrad, Jr., Pilot

Cooper (left) and Conrad
(Spaceflight photo)

Gemini 5
( photo)