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“CIRVIS Report / V-Formation Seen By Pilot
April 14, 1952
La Crosse, Wisconsin”


The whole UFO case report:
Fran Ridge:
Originally listed as Las Cruces, this is actually La Crosse (not LaCrosse), Wisconsin. I took the liberty of correcting this on Brad’s BB listing.

Brad Sparks:
April 14, 1952; La Crosse, Wisconsin (BBU)
12:35 p.m. CIRVIS Report. Unidentified CAL (Central Air Lines) pilot saw several light colored objects fly in V-formation. (Berliner) Objects sighted from ground, tremendous speed.”

No radar return of the unknown object was registered. And no EMI was registered. presents U.S. government (U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

Project Blue Book listed the case as “Unknown.”

Wikipedia article: “La Crosse, Wisconsin”:

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UFO Audio:
Republic of Ireland Air Traffic Control Recording:
The 9 November 2018 Airliners
UFO Incident Over Ireland

Source: Dublin Aviation (YouTube channel)

At least three airline pilots reported sighting UFOs over or off the south western coast of Ireland on 9 November 2018, at approximately 6:47 a.m.

It is possible that the unknown objects could have been debris from a meteor – but both the British Airways Boeing 787 pilot and the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 pilot reported that the objects veered from their path. In addition – the Virgin Atlantic pilot said that the objects climbed away. Again, debris from a meteor neither veers from its path nor climbs away after descending.

Video text:
“Air traffic control audio of a sighting of a very bright object travelling rapidly across the sky above Ireland has emerged. Numerous pilots in the airspace notified Shannon ATC about the mysterious object. The Irish Aviation Authority said they are investigating the incident.

Credit to for the audio.”

Quote from the audio (text):
“BAW94: Just two came up on our left hand side and then rapidly veer to the north … we saw a bright light and then it disappeared at a very high speed.

VIR76X: Virgin 76 I saw two bright lights, 11 o’clock, seem to bank over to the right and then climb away at speed at least from our perspective.

VIR76X: A meteor OR another object making some kind of re-entry. Appears to be multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory … very bright from where we were.

SNN ATC: OK, just so you know that other aircraft in the air have also reported the same thing, so we’re going to have a look and see.”

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British Airways Boeing 787-8 (text by Wikipedia)
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