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UFO Article:
“Transcript Of Luis Elizondo
Lecture At AAPC – Part 1”

22 March 2019
(Joe Murgia, U.S.A.)

Luis Elizondo (keynote speaker at AAPC), a military intelligence official, ran the U.S. Department of Defense’s UFO programme, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) (ran from 2007 to 2012) on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring.

After 2012, he oversaw UFO work for five more years before resigning in October 2017.

Elizondo is now the Director of Global Security & Special Programs for the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

The Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference was held in Huntsville, Alabama, on 15-17 March 2019.

The Conference was organised by the Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU).

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Luis Elizondo
(CNN/ image)

UFO News Article:
“Base in UFO mystery”

24 March 2005
(North Wales Weekly News, Conwy, UK)

Sources: UFO Newsclipping Service, Plumerville, Arkansas and

The whole article (Page 11):
“RAF Staxton Wold played a key part in a UFO sighting off the East Coast, it has been revealed.

One of the most credible reports of a possible visit by extraterrestrials is one made by an RAF pilot and two officers at RAF Boulmer in Northumberland 30 years ago (1975).

The Information was released by the Ministry of Defence’s special UFO department under the Freedom of Information laws.

The files show that Flt Lt A M Wood reported ‘bright objects hanging over the sea’ and the closest object was ‘five times larger than a helicopter’. He said the object changed shape to become body-shaped with projections like arms and legs.

They [sic] objects were also seen on the Staxton Wold radar picture which is relayed to (RAF) West Drayton, near London.”

Wikipedia article: “RAF Boulmer”:

Wikipedia article: “RRH Staxton Wold”:

Wikipedia article: “RAF West Drayton”:

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RRH Staxton Wold, UK  (
( photo)

UFO Report:
“The 1953 UFO Chronology”

Created: 13 January 2006
Updated: 3 April 2018

Quote from the UFO report:
Fran Ridge:
This report is an on-going project, and it will take many months to get active links to cases all in place. Many sightings have no details and are those selected By Dr. James E. McDonald as those worthy of inclusion in this report as we locate them. Our thanks go to Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns) and Jean Waskiewicz, outstanding members of my team.

Jan 9, 1953 SECRET letter to Miles Goll from H.C. Cross (PENTACLE MEMO)
Large-scale military plan recommended to ATIC to entrap UFOs to secure evidence at high incident areas. This just a week before the CIA-sponsored meetings of Jan 14-16.

Jan 14-17, 1953:_Robertson_Panel_Convenes
Report of Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects Convened by Office of Scientific Intelligence, CIA. (Credit: Brad Sparks obtained the full declassification of the Robertson Panel Report and Durant Memo by the CIA with all sanitized redactions filled in, in 1974.Copy by CUFON)

Jan. 16, 1953
Maj. Dewey Fournet presented his ‘motion study’ to the Robertson Panel. This study is significant and it is similar to the earlier 1948 ‘Estimate of the Situation’ and illustrates once again the reason why the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis was seriously considered. And as always, the study was not stopped as it went up, but was rejected at the top.

Jan. 27, 1953 CIA letter to Julius Stratton from Marshall Chadwell

Jan. 30, 1953; CIA Memo on ONE Briefing
Briefing of the Office of Naval Estimates Board by CIA on Unidentified Flying Objects, included the showing of the Utah and Montana films.

March 5, 1953
Letter to Air Defense Command about 4602nd doing UFOI Investigations

May 1953 - CAA Report on Radar Targets
(Actual doc starts on page 2. CAA Technical Development Report 180. A Preliminary Study of Unidentified Targets Observed on Air Traffic Control. This flawed report states the July 1952 objects were weather targets. (Courtesy of CUFON)

AFM 200-3, May 1953 Promulgated
Handbook for Intelligence Officers. The manual’s theme is the importance of having high grade air technical intelligence in order to avoid ‘technological surprise’ from a foreign power. Although UFOs are not specifically mentioned, the illustration of ‘flying saucers’ above an Air Force bomber appears on page 9-3 of the manual, and this chronology shows the timing/context of its publication. (Richard Hall)

ADDR 200-1 May_9, 1953
34th Air Defense Division Regulation No. 200-1, Reporting of Information on Unidentified Flying Objects. Including: 34ADD Form 127: Unidentified Flying Object Report (FLYOBRPT) supercedes May 9, 1952 directive.


July 25, 1953 - Restricted AF Document - How to Make FLYOBRPTS (68 pages)
This guide, written in 1953, was intended for US Air Force intelligence officers and others who might have to make UFO reports (‘Flying Object Report = FLYOBRPT’.) It cites as its authority Air Force Letter 200-5 (AFL 200-5) which preceded Air Force Regulation 200-2. This guide contains all the different report forms and also some statistics that may have not seen the light of day for many years) until now (Jim Klotz, CUFON; Michael Swords, Jan Aldrich)

AFR 200-2, Aug 26,1953
Air Force Regulation issued by Secretary of AF Harold E. Talbott: procedures for reporting UFOs, restrictions on public discussion by Air Force personnel.

Oct. 28, 1953; Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska (BBU)
(McDonald List)

November12, 1953 - Project MAGNET
Canadian Government announcement of flying saucer observatory near Ottawa

December 1, 1953
Air Force announced in Washington it had set up ‘flying saucer’ cameras around the country equipped with diffraction gratings to analyze nature of UFO light sources.

Dec. 15, 1953 - AFR 205-1, Part 1 (Courtesy, CUFON)
Part 2 (CUFON)”

A flurry of UFO incidents occurred at U.S. Air Force Bases in 1953 (as in 1952). Many of these cases involved radar detection.

Wikipedia article: “Offutt Air Force Base”:

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As of 25 March 2019, this blog does not report on any other October 1953 UFO incident.

This is a photo I took of Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha,
Nebraska, from an airline while on final approach to Eppley
Airfield. (text by Wikipedia) (
( photo)