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UFO Article:
UFO Roundup, 5 January 1997 (

Corporal Juan Carlos Morales, Colombian Air Force (FAC) filmed 6 UFOs over the Bogotá area on the morning of 13 December 1996, reports:

Corporal Morales was aboard a Transport Command multi-engined airplane, flying over the Cordillera Central when he sighted the unknown objects, according to the article.

The UFOs were not captured on radar by the Air Force Traffic Control Centre at El Dorado International Airport, according to Major Gonzalo Cardenas, chief of the FAC Tranport Command.

Bogotá, Colombia
( photo)
UFO TV Report:
Ovni en Bogotá (UFO in Bogotá)
(Unknown Date)
(Crónica de OVNIs, Infinito, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Infinito reports on the 13 December 1996 UFO sighting by Colombian Air Force Corporal Juan Carlos Morales:

UFO Book Excerpt:
“Advanced Aerial Devices
During the Korean War (pp 34-37)”
by Dr. Richard F. Haines (

The book was published by Lighting Design Association in September 1990:

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